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Preventing Bed Bugs in Commercial Properties

With more businesses fully reopening and employees returning to their desks, bed bugs will again be an issue. In non-residential commercial facilities such as office buildings and retail stores where inactive, sleeping human hosts are not readily available, bed bugs tend to wander around randomly looking for unsuspecting targets….

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It’s Bed Bug Season: Are You Ready?

According to Longwoods International, a Columbus, Ohio-based travel research firm, 89 percent of American travelers are planning a trip in the next six months. And as excitement around the prospect of traveling again grows, it’s easy to forget one tiny, but trip-altering threat – bed bugs. While these elusive pests are found just about everywhere,…

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6 Tips For Preventing Bugs In Your Backyard

Insects are generally outdoor creatures. Their natural habitat is not inside your kitchen cabinets, basement or garage – it's outdoors in your backyard….

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Be Aware of the Tick Threat

Tick populations typically surge during the warmer summer months and it is important to educate yourself on the dangers associated with ticks and identify steps to ensure your property, family, and pets are protected from tick-related health threats….

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Keeping Flies In Check At Commercial Properties

Flies are one of the most encountered pests in and around commercial properties, especially in the warmer spring and summer months when pest pressure on the whole rises….

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Pest Management in Retail Facilities

Establishing an integrated pest management (IPM) program in retail properties, especially those that offer groceries or contain quick service restaurants options, is more critical than ever.  What do property managers and business owners need to know about the pest threats that exist in the retail environment? Here are some common pest issues to be aware of…

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Reopening Your Business Without Pests

As businesses start to reopen, expand hours or welcome back employees, it is important for business owners and commercial property managers to take action to protect their operations from unwanted pests….

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2021 Spring Pest Forecast + Prevention Tips

What pests should you look out for this Spring? Rottler gives you the pest forecast and how you can prevent them….

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Ant Prevention in Commercial Properties

As the mercury rises, so will ant pressure and activity levels in and around commercial properties. Ants can carry bacterial and disease-causing organisms that can possibly contaminate food including E. Coli., Streptococcus, Shigella, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus. Their presence in a food processing, service or healthcare facility will raise a red flag with auditors and inspectors….

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Commercial Pest Prevention

The Difference Between Pest Control and Pest Prevention

Property, facility and QA managers often confuse the subtle, yet important differences between pest control and pest prevention. Taking either for granted or making assumptions can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of a pest control program. Pest control is often defined as deploying pest control devices or making targeted application of pesticides to…

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