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2021 Spring Pest Forecast + Prevention Tips

What pests should you look out for this Spring? Rottler gives you the pest forecast and how you can prevent them.… Read More

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Ant Prevention in Commercial Properties

As the mercury rises, so will ant pressure and activity levels in and around commercial properties. Ants can carry bacterial and disease-causing organisms that can possibly contaminate food including E. Coli., Streptococcus, Shigella, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus. Their presence in a food processing, service or healthcare facility will raise a red flag with auditors and inspectors.… Read More

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Commercial Pest Prevention

The Difference Between Pest Control and Pest Prevention

Property, facility and QA managers often confuse the subtle, yet important differences between pest control and pest prevention. Taking either for granted or making assumptions can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of a pest control program. Pest control is often defined as deploying pest control devices or making targeted application of pesticides to… Read More

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Technology and Pest Control

Technology and Pest Management – Real Time Electronic Monitoring

Technology is not only expanding the breadth of the services pest management professionals provide commercial clients, but also furthering the quality of those services. The deployment of electronic monitoring devices for rodents and insects or GoPro or trail cameras help gather critical data on pest activity in a commercial facility. It allows pest management professionals… Read More

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Role of Commercia Pest Management

The Important Role Clients Play In A Successful Pest Management Program

The relationship between a pest management services provider and their client is a critical one. Both parties need to be active contributors and engaged in the process for desired results to be delivered. Pest Management Professional’s Role: The pest management professional’s role is typically quite clear – prevent and/or eliminate pests from entering a property… Read More

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Commercial Pest Control

Why Professional Pest Management Matters For Your Business

Why Professional Pest Management Matters for Your Business? What do professional pest management services offer your business? Consider the following. Even though insects and rodents are small, the impact on your business’s bottom line can be large if a pest-related incident takes place. The repercussions could include: Fines from state and federal inspection agencies Poor… Read More

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Commercial Pest Control is Sanitation

Commercial Pest Control is Sanitation!

Pest control is sanitation. That tightly worded and very accurate sentence describes the critical relationship between an effective pest management program and consistently followed sanitation protocols. If you don’t have the later, you won’t achieve the former. Putting a conveyor away in the equipment boneyard before thoroughly cleaning it, cutting corners when it comes to… Read More

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Pest Exclusion Checklist

The True Value of Pest Exclusion Services

Did you know forty-five percent of rodent issues take place during the fall and winter? This should raise a red warning flag to facility and property managers to make sure their rodent and pest exclusion efforts are up to the job. Colder weather can deplete a pest’s traditional food sources and commercial structures – especially… Read More

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Year end pest assessment

Why Year-End Pest Assessments Are Important!

The calendar tells facility and QA managers that 2020 is ending and it’s time to prepare for a year-end assessment of their pest management program. Clients should not dread a year-end assessment like a trip to the dentist. Instead, see it as an opportunity to ensure their pest management programs are working and doing what they… Read More

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Commercial Rodent Proofing

Giving Rodents The Cold Shoulder

The crisp fall air and temperatures can be a welcome respite from the heat and humidity of summer. Rodents, especially mice, however, have a different take on cooler temperatures. They view it as a threat to their survival and they act accordingly. A rodent’s natural instincts tell it to search out a warm place, preferably… Read More

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