2021 Spring Pest Forecast + Prevention Tips

ants in kitchen

What pests should you look out for this Spring? Rottler gives you the pest forecast and how you can prevent them.

2021 Spring Pest Forecast – Preventing Pests at Home

What can residents across Missouri and western Illinois expect when it comes to pest activity this spring?

Jason Everitt, technical director for Rottler Pest Solutions, says pest pressure levels reflect the weather. The faster it warms up, the sooner and greater the pest pressure will be.

“Winter in the St. Louis area and across the region will never completely kill off insects so they are overwintering and biding their time,” says Everitt. “Ants, spiders and stinging insects handle the cooler conditions better than other pests and will emerge when warmer temperatures become consistent.”

Termites are another spring pest that are more than an annoyance for homeowners. These destructive, yet often unseen, pests can threaten the structural integrity of your home and cost you significant dollars in treatment costs and repair bills.

Rottler’s Spring Pest Watch List

What pests are homeowners likely to see in and around their home this spring? Here is a list of the early season favorites:

  • Ants – Odorous house, pavement and carpenter ants will trail toward structures searching for food and a new location to nest.
  • Termites – Watch for termite swarmers flying around windows and doors on warm days after a spring rain.
  • Stinging insects – Wasps can nest inside camping equipment, storage boxes, and near light fixtures and in the rafters inside sheds, barns and garages.
  • Mice – It’s breeding season for mice so you could see a spike in numbers of these furry pests scampering in your shed, garage or basement.

If you see any of these pests, it’s time to consult with a pest management professional like Rottler. Our early season preventive pest management programs will put a stop to pests before they become a problem.

Spring Pest Prevention Tips

Creating a pest-free home and yard this spring and summer doesn’t start on Memorial Day. Taking a proactive approach to pest control can lead to fewer headaches and is less costly than trying to fix a pest-related problem after the fact.

Homeowners can protect their homes from pests by following these simple steps.

Reduce Pest Attractants

Reduce conditions that attract pests to your yard or home by following these easy-to-do tasks.

  • Pick up sticks and yard debris that winter has left behind. These items provide pests like ants and rodents with hiding spots.
  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters. These provide a moisture source for pests including ants and termites.
  • Clean garbage and recycling cans and make sure to keep lids closed to prevent pests including rodents, flies or wildlife from accessing them.
  • On the inside, clean up food spills and crumbs, store food, especially pet food, in sealed containers and take the trash out regularly.

Block Pest Access Points

Walk around the exterior of your home to see if winter weather has created any openings in the foundation, around window and door frames, under eaves, near utility access points, around chimneys and along the roof line. Fill openings and repair screens and vent cover with good quality materials.

Watch for Pest Indicators

Watch for flying or crawling pests, discarded insect wings (from termite swarmers), pest droppings, mud tubes on cinder block exterior walls in basements or crawlspaces or bite marks or holes in food packages. These are all indicators that pests may be lurking.