The threat presented by rodents to commercial facilities continues to rise. Rodent droppings and urine can trigger allergies and asthma; contaminate food, food preparation surfaces and equipment; and spread harmful bacteria including E. coli and salmonella. Rodents can also chew through wood, drywall, electrical wiring increasing the risk for fires, as well as packaging and finished goods.

Rottler’s Rodent Control Program includes a thorough inspection and assessment of your commercial property, and then an initial service to reduce the threat and necessary follow ups to fully eradicate the problem. Our comprehensive rodent management program brings an array of tools to the table including monitoring, trapping, exclusion, sanitation, habitat modification and employee education.

Rottler RealTime™ Rodent Control

Technology is not only expanding the reach of the services pest management professionals provide commercial clients, but also furthering the quality of those services. Rottler RealTime™ is the latest technology innovation we are deploying to assist clients keep rodents in check.

Rottler RealTime is an around the clock science-based rodent management system that deploys electronic monitoring devices to continuously gather and share in real-time critical data on rodent activity. The system gives clients a broader picture of rodent activity in and around their facility and builds a profile of where and when rodents could pose a problem.

The data gathered allows Rottler’s rodent experts to proactively adjust rodent control programs and further the effectiveness of any rodent management program. Check out our blog post for more info.

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Exterior Rodent Control

A rodent’s natural habitat is outdoors, and Rottler will design a plan to keep rodents from entering your commercial property.

Rottler’s exterior Integrated Pest Management (IPM) based rodent control programs include strategic placement of devices to monitor rodent activity and trap rodents. When the situation calls for it targeted bait applications will also be used to knockdown and control rodent populations. Each device will be barcoded for easy tracking and identification.

Our exterior rodent programs also include a risk assessment of your property to identify exclusion, sanitation, operational and structural conditions that could be promoting rodent activity in and around your facility.

Interior Rodent Control

If rodents do gain access to your facility Rottler has the tools to quickly eliminate the problem and protect your products, employees and customers from the harmful diseases that rodents can transmit to food and food preparation surfaces.

Our interior Integrated Pest Management (IPM) based rodent control programs include strategic placement of monitoring and trapping devices to identify the source and size of the infestation.

Rottler’s interior control program also includes a thorough inspection to identify conducive conditions that support rodent activity and recommendations for adjusting sanitation, cleaning cultural and training protocols to improve program performance.

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