Bed bugs are a serious problem for property owners and managers in St. Louis, and Mid-Missouri. A single bed bug in your home or business can turn into a major infestation fast — one that results in added stress, loss of work, loss of sleep and no doubt, an increase in unexpected costs. Because bed bugs breed fast, it’s extremely critical to eliminate an infestation at the first sign of a problem. 

In the 65+ years Rottler Pest Solutions has provided pest control, we’ve seen it all — and we know that iIf you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, you’re looking for relief, and fast. We provide dedicated pest management support and customized services so you can find immediate relief from these pesky intruders.

Don’t Let Your Bed Bug Problem Spread

If you’ve discovered bed bugs in your home or business, don’t simply toss your mattress out and assume that will take care of the problem. We highly recommend staying away from DIY products and methods, as they often make the infestation worse and result in more costly treatments in the long run. Instead, partner with a bed bug professional like Rottler to eliminate the problem before it spreads. 

Our bed bug treatments are effective in getting rid of bed bugs in apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, and other commercial facilities, as well as residential dwellings, regardless of the level of infestation.

Our K9 scent detection teams are National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) – certified bed bug dogs, and our professional bed bug elimination tactics are sure to reduce bed bug populations quickly and efficiently. 

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Treatment Options

We use multiple classes of materials/insecticides that help control even the most stubborn bed bugs! Additional treatment options include:

  • K9 scent detection
  • HEPA filtered vacuums

K-9 Bed Bug Inspections: Do They Work?

Dogs are very effective in the detection of a wide variety of items — including but not limited to drugs, bombs, fugitives, cadavers, mold, and termites. Because dogs have 20 to 40 times the number of nasal receptor cells than humans do, they can detect the tiniest levels of odors, even a few parts per billion. With their sophisticated sense of smell, our bed bug detection dogs are able to quickly and accurately seek out bed bugs so we can target the correct areas with treatment.

Why Use Bed Bugs Dogs?

Trained, certified bed bug dogs have the advantage when it comes to locating bed bugs, and you can expect Rottler bed bug dogs to:

  • Find live bed bugs with over 90% accuracy.
  • Receive extensive training similar to bomb and drug detection dogs.
  • Save you time and money by quickly locating bed bugs before they spread.
  • Carry certifications by the NESDCA.

If your home or business has been infested, let Rottler help solve your problem fast. Call us today!

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