Stored product pests can infest grain, seed, flour, dried herbs and spices, and numerous other dry food materials in grocery stores, mills, processing plants, and bulk storage facilities. They can wreak havoc on your inventory by damaging products and shut down production lines to clean infested equipment costing you money and customers.

Our stored product pest control service drives down current pest activity and prevents future infestations. We’ll help you resolve even the toughest pest challenges, so you can keep your business up and running.

We work close with your quality control and sanitation teams to ensure your brand name remains intact. Our goal to provide preventative measures in place to prevent large scale control through fumigation.

Thorough inspections of incoming shipments, good storage practices and monitoring with pheromone traps are keys to preventing stored product pest infestations. A comprehensive mating disruption program reduces reliance on pesticides and effectively limits seasonal spikes in insect activity. It’s ideal for seed production, shell nut growers, grain storage, raw agricultural commodities and certified organic operations.

Our certified entomologists will support your team with identifying pests and creating a plan to remove them proactively. Reach out today for your solution.

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