Nuisance birds causing problems for your home or business? If the answer is yes, the bird control experts at Rottler Pest Solutions can help! Let us protect your space from loud, bothersome commotions and costly damage that birds are known to cause.

Birds Cause More Damage Than Most Realize

Did you know bird droppings cause millions of dollars in property damage every year? Or that the same droppings can spread over 60 transmittable diseases to people and animals? When left untreated, birds and the remnants they leave behind can increase maintenance costs and liability risks.

Pigeons, sparrows, and starlings are among the most common and troublesome birds that can create safety, sanitation, and health hazards in and around your home.

Once you’ve noticed signs of a potential bird infestation, it’s important you seek out effective bird control and prevention services immediately to maintain the structural integrity of your home or business. Don’t let a health scare or safety issue caused by birds ruin your reputation!

How We Resolve Pest Bird Issues

Bird issues can take many forms. Luckily, so do our bird control services. Whether you need helping reducing nesting birds or are looking to get rid of a current bird, we have a custom solution for you. Rottler’s bird control services include:

  • Site evaluation and treatment plan recommendations.
  • Bird dropping and debris cleanup.
  • Deodorizing and disinfecting of affected areas.
  • Premium access to bird control experts and their removal, exclusion, and deterrent tactics.
  • Ongoing maintenance and follow-up visits.

Bird-B-Gone Authorized Installers in St. Louis, MO

As Bird•B•Gone authorized installers, we specialize in bird removal, and we’re prepared to provide property owners with top-of-the-line options for your specific issue. Our bird control professionals are trained and certified in installing Bird•B•Gone products and are ready to take care of you. We’ll assess your situation and provide you with the best options for relief from pest birds.

To make sure your structure receives the best quality bird management service in the industry and the integrity of your home or business stays intact, we use several Bird•B•Gone products and solutions that include:

  • Bird Hazing Systems
  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Slope
  • Bird Spider
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Wire
  • Shock Systems

The Benefits of Bird Control

The advantages of bird control go beyond simply having less birds around your home. Some added benefits include:

  • Decreased expenses on maintenance and repair.
  • Increased property value.
  • Elimination of the spread of diseases to those living in the home.
  • Elimination of safety and health hazards.

If you have unwanted birds and would like them removed permanently, please contact us today to schedule your site evaluation. 

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