Bioremediation is an eco-friendly and sustainable approach that can help reduce pollutants, including salmonella, E. coli, and other harmful materials that can be found within the food and beverage industry.

Our Bioremediation program, available for companies throughout the Midwest, Metro-East, and Kansas City, is a bacteria-based solution that targets the source of sanitation problems.

It is proven to get rid of grease, fats, oils, and rotting organic debris. As a side benefit, Bioremediation helps reduce fly, cockroach and ant breeding and feeding sources. Bioremediation also reduces foul odors caused by decaying organic material.

Bioremediation is an excellent complement to your existing pest control service. It combines the most effective products with expert service, including:

  • Inspection of floors, walls, and drains
  • Identification of non-drain sites for treatment (walls, grout, behind equipment)
  • Treatment of clogged drains, problem sites
  • Preventive drain line maintenance
  • Staff training and education

Rottler’s targeted bioremediation services involve the regular topical application of a microbe-based solution to improve drain sanitation and prevent debris accumulation to reduce fly breeding and feeding sources. We treat all floor drains, accessible sink and dump lines, soda machine drains, lines, and foam hard-to-reach areas where organic debris build up is common.

Our bioremediation services can be safely applied to a wide variety of food service areas including workstations, food prep/serving areas, floor molding, under counters and on walls behind them, in broken tile and grout gaps and under equipment.

This three-step process is a method of controlling filth flies (fruit fly, phorid fly, drain fly) within their breeding areas.

Bioremediation provides odor control and can be used to quickly and safely clean:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Drains and drain lines
  • Soda and beer tap drain lines
  • Grease traps
  • Equipment – especially hard-to-reach areas

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