Are you dealing with an ongoing rodent infestation that won’t go away? Rodents, rats, mice and other rodents can wreak havoc on a home with nesting and chewing, resulting in the destruction of house insulation and potential irreparable electrical wire damage. To prevent any lasting issues, it’s important to jump on finding an effective solution quickly once you’ve noticed any signs of a rodent infestation.

Did you know – mice, rats, and other rodents require a round opening only larger than 1/4 of an inch to make their way inside of a house, which means cracks and crevices (including utility openings and gaps around doors and windows) give rodents easy access to your home.

What is Included in Rodent Control and Exclusion?

Rottler’s rodent control exterminators will conduct a thorough inspection of your property (for commercial or residential) to identify if a rodent problem exists. During this time, we’ll also identify any areas that may attract rodents to your home and locate any points of entry. Based on our assessment, we’ll develop and implement a rodent exclusion plan that addresses your home’s unique situation. We’ll also return to monitor for rodent activity.

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Rodent control services are ideal and recommended for all types of residential dwellings. When you contact Rottler for rodent exclusion services, we will:

  • Inspect and identify areas of rodent infestation
  • Identify conditions around the home that are conducive to rodent activity
  • Make recommendations for improvement including sealing off entry and exit points
  • Install traps and/or baits as needed

The Midwest Rodent Control and Exclusion Experts

If mice and rats have taken over your home or you simply want to prevent a potential problem, our team of rodent control experts have you covered so you can sleep soundly. No matter the size of the issue, we can assess your existing rodent activity and make sure your future is free and clear of infestations. Our rodent exclusion program is backed by a one-year warranty, which means your home will be rodent-free throughout the year or we’ll return and re-treat at no additional cost. For the top rodent control and prevention in St. Louis, and throughout Mid-Missouri, Kansas and Illinois, trust Rottler Pest Solutions.

Don’t risk costly structural damage, get rid of your rodent infestation and save $35 while you’re at it – contact Rottler today!

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