Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they can also disrupt activities and operations and expose people to diseases such as West Nile Virus. There are many “over-the-counter” measures available to the public to help minimize contact with mosquitoes, but they are sometimes not as effective, resulting in lingering mosquito activity. Our mosquito control services are designed to significantly reduce mosquito presence so that homeowners can enjoy their outdoor spaces without disruption.

The Top Mosquito Control in the Midwest

Don’t let mosquito bites drive you indoors. When you contact Rottler Pest Solutions, we’ll complete a full inspection of your property to identify areas where mosquitoes love to breed (primarily where you can find standing water, including the space surrounding birdbaths and clogged gutters). Once we’ve assessed the situation, our trained mosquito control technicians will treat breeding areas with professional products specifically designed to control mosquito populations and prevent larvae for extended periods of time.

To control mature biting mosquitoes, we’ll also apply a residual treatment around your property, including any area(s) that are likely to harbor mosquitoes during the daytime. Trees, shrubs, and shaded areas like under eaves and overhangs are likely hiding spots for mosquitoes trying to avoid the hot sun. Your technician will advise you on how to eliminate conditions that promote mosquito breeding, and they will return every month during mosquito season to inspect and re-treat as necessary.

We’ll Protect Against Fleas & Ticks, Too!

In addition to mosquito control, our Signature Plus program is an effective measure to stop fleas and ticks from invading your yard. Just like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks can carry and transmit potentially dangerous diseases to both people and pets. With regular ongoing mosquito treatment services, you can feel confident that your family, home, and yard is protected from pests year-round. 

This is a great pest control option to conduct prior to any outdoor event. Don’t allow mosquitoes, fleas and ticks prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. Call the top Midwest pest control experts today (877) 768-8537 to schedule your free quote and put a stop to pest problems before they begin!

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