Preventing flies from entering commercial properties is the foundation of Rottler’s small and large fly management strategy. Our strategic approach addresses all fly entry points including exterior doors, windows, and dumpster/recycling areas. We will customize the program to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Focusing on areas that are conducive for fly breeding, we will deploy exterior treatments.

Fly Lights

The installation of insect light traps is a component of our overall fly control program to reduce the threat from flying insects. In addition to reducing flying insect activity, the traps serve as a valuable monitoring tool to determine the type of fly and the root cause of the infestation.

Data gathered from the light traps will serve as the basis for a more comprehensive fly prevention and control program. This can include enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols, structural repairs, installing air doors, and employee training. It is recommended the traps be inspected, maintained, and cleaned on regular basis, and bulbs replaced annually to ensure peak performance.

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