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Nothing can sink a retailer’s reputation faster with customers than a social media post showing a video of a cockroach crawling out from under a display case or a rodent scampering across the floor. Pests can find their way inside businesses in deliveries of new merchandise, in structural gaps in your building, from an adjacent store and even on guests and employees. Protect your brand and your bottom line with a discreet and effective pest management program from Rottler. 

Retail & Restaurants Pest Control

With over 65 years of experience servicing restaurant, and retail stores, Rottler Pest Solutions can help you develop an IPM-based program, including disinfection services for high-touch surfaces, that protects customers, employees, and your brand.

Restaurants & Foodservice Establishments

There are few things that can negatively impact a restaurant’s reputation faster than a pest problem. Some of these negative impacts include:

  • Pests carry harmful disease and bacteria, disrupting the integrity of your restaurant and putting employees and guests at risk
  • Pest sightings may discourage customers from returning to dine in your restaurant or recommend your restaurant to friends and family
  • Guests may leave reviews online about your restaurant, having a negative impact on your revenue and bottom line

Do not put your reputation at risk! Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to pest control ensures long-term protection from unwanted pests. Our services are performed discreetly, quickly, and efficiently to ensure the integrity of your business.

A Local Pest Partner You Can Trust

With over 65 of years of industry experience, Rottler Pest Solutions is the most trusted name in the industry. When you partner with us, you can expect:

  • Innovative pest management solutions founded in science that respect the environment. 
  • Technical expertise and client service that exceed expectations. 
  • Responsive dependable service built on six decades of experience and professionalism. 
  • Use the latest technology and data analytics to prevent and monitor pest activity. 
  • A QualityPro, QualityPro Schools, and GreenPro certified company

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