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The St. Louis area is home to many insects and rodents who are just waiting to make your home their own.
Use the scroller below or visit our Pest Library to learn more about them.

  • small eastern subterranean termite in st louis


  • small black odorous house ant in st louis mo

    Odorous House Ant

  • mosquito in a saint louis home


  • large yellow jacket in st louis mo

    Yellow Jacket

  • tiny black mole in saint louis

    Eastern Mole

  • large black carpenter bee in missouri

    Carpenter Bee

  • illustration of a cigarette beetle

    Cigarette Beetle

  • large house spider in saint louis mo

    Common Spiders

  • small red and black lady bug in saint louis

    Lady Beetle

  • small brown earwig in st louis


  • large bat in missouri


  • large gray squirrel in mo

    Tree Squirrel

  • large gray raccoon in missouri


  • large gray house mouse in st louis

    House Mouse

  • large brown german cockroach in saint louis

    German Cockroach

  • tiny cat flea in missouri

    Cat Flea

  • large yellow and black honey bee

    Honey Bee

  • large black and yellow paper wasp in saint louis mo

    Paper Wasp

  • large red and black carpenter ant in st louis

    Carpenter Ant

  • illustration of a chigger


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Residential Pest Control

Whether you live in St. Louis, Kansas City, or elsewhere in Mid-Missouri, you can count on Rottler to help take care of pests that have become a nuisance in or around your home.

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Commercial Pest Control

Our commercial pest management specialists are committed to providing your business with the safest, most advanced pest elimination techniques, along with superior customer service.

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Lawn Care Services

We will conduct a soil analysis to determine exactly the correct balance of nutrients that your lawn needs to thrive, providing you with a customized lawn care plan.

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Why Choose Rottler?

Because we have 60 years of industry experience and know how to treat insects, rodents and wildlife pests that bother our fellow Missourians.  What's more, Rottler has 90 service vehicles on the streets, employs over 140 people and operates out of seven locations throughout St. Louis, St. Charles and the Columbia/Jefferson City, Kansas City, and Springfield, MO areas.

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5 star rating

"We called Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions to assist us at our residence. We were under contract with a competing company but felt we still had many pest issues and wanted a second opinion. We had recently moved into new house that had a pretty big pest issue- mice, squirrels, spiders, bees. When the Rottler specialists arrived they kindly addressed all of our concerns. We felt the previous company was reluctant to address the issues inside of our home- they were convinced they could solve everything from the outside. Rottler was not only willing to look at everything we wanted to show them inside of the house but they also went into tiny crawl spaces and the attic to remove dead rodents. They were able to identify all of the problems and choose effective solutions. They are professional to work with and we are very pleased with their service."

Elizabeth G.

5 star rating

"We've been using Rottler for about 10 years, I think. For the past 4-5, Shawn has been taking care of us. When we moved in to our 50+ year old house, we discovered that it was (pretty much) infested by mice and spiders. It was a fight, but Shawn was able to get it under control in a couple visits. We've had neighbors with pest problems ask us if we have similar issues - the answer is "nope - we have Rottler". Sounds corny, but it's true."

–Eric S.

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