Technology and Pest Management – Real Time Electronic Monitoring

Technology and Pest Control

Technology is not only expanding the breadth of the services pest management professionals provide commercial clients, but also furthering the quality of those services.

The deployment of electronic monitoring devices for rodents and insects or GoPro or trail cameras help gather critical data on pest activity in a commercial facility. It allows pest management professionals and clients to act proactively vs. reactively when it comes to their pest management programs and it furthers the effectiveness of integrated pest management (IPM) program.

Using This Data:

The data fills in the gaps between service visits and provides a wealth of valuable intelligence that can be acted on immediately or seasonally. Data driven guidance allows for more informed decision-making, proactive changes and adjustments to programs, and better engagement and education for employees. It also helps with audit preparedness and documentation.

Technology will also take routine tasks (i.e., device inspection) and mechanize it allowing it to take care of itself in some cases. This allows service professionals to spend more time performing risk analysis and risk mitigation and use their time in a facility more efficiently.

How can clients expect to benefit from advances in pest management technology?

  • The digital age of IPM refocuses pest management on data analysis and the integration of vast and disparate data points – every time a device is checked a data point is established.
  • Application of exponentially growing data through machine learning.
  • Every application and device placement will be targeted have a specific scientific reason.
  • Technicians will become risk consultants and scientists wrapped in one.

Meet Rottler RealTime™

Rottler Pest Solutions is an advocate of using technology in the fight against pests. Innovation has always been a trademark of Rottler’s. The latest innovation Rottler is the deploying is electronic monitoring to combat rising rodent pressure in and around commercial facilities.

Rottler RealTime™ is an around the clock science-based rodent management system that provides continuous monitoring and real-time rodent activity data.

“Deploying Rottler RealTime gives us and our clients a broader picture of any rodent activity in and around a facility and allows us to build a profile of where and when rodents could pose a problem,” says Jason Everitt, technical director for Rottler. “The data gathered allows us to proactively adjust programs when needed and be ahead of any rodent issues.”

How Does Electronic Monitoring Work?

As with any new technology the first question clients typically ask is how does it work? Everitt says Rottler RealTime starts with the proper placement of the device at the facility. The devices will monitor 24/7 for rodent activity and should a mouse or rat engage with a device a notification will be sent to a Rottler service technician detailing where and when the activity took place.

The technician will then visit the facility to inspect and remove the rodent and determine if additional steps are needed. All the actions and data are documented in real-time and added to existing pest trend and service reports.

“Electronic monitoring provides us access to areas of a facility that are inaccessible either due to facility restrictions or safety concerns,” says Everitt. “It not only extends our reach to monitor for pests but also reduces the number of visits needed to these areas to check devices.”

Everitt says by placing monitoring devices in areas known to have higher rodent pressure, getting to the root cause of the issue and ultimately a solution can be accomplished faster.

Is Electronic Monitoring Right for Every Facility?

Is remote monitoring right for every commercial facility? No. Everitt says remote monitoring, like all pest management programs, must match a facility’s specific needs. Currently, the widest acceptance of electronic monitoring is in commercial facilities involved in food processing, storage and distribution.

Rottler’s technical team will consult with clients to determine if remote monitoring technology is appropriate for their facility based on a variety of factors including rodent pressure levels, structural design and historical trend data.

If your business is looking for a pest management partner that deploys innovative technology to design and deliver comprehensive IPM-based pest management programs, call Rottler Pest Solutions at 636-249-1601 for a free inspection, consultation or training for your staff. View our Commercial Pest Control services!