How Sizzling Summer Temperatures Increase Pest Activity

Anyone who’s spent some time in Missouri, eastern Illinois or Kansas knows summer means one thing – hot, humid weather. Another given is that along with those sizzling temperatures and unpleasant dew point levels, insects will be more abundant and more active. There are multiple reasons why pest populations including mosquitoes, flies, ants, stinging insects,…

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No Jacket(s) Required

  Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Genesis front man Phil Collins released an album in the 1980s titled No Jacket Required that produced several legendary hits. That title is exactly how Missouri, Illinois and Kansas homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts feel about the presence of yellowjackets and other stinging insects this time of year…

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detailed photo of mosquito on skin

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Take A Bite Out of Your Summer

Here's how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of mosquitos:…

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close up of yellow jacket stinging insect perched on greenery

Avoiding Issues With Stinging Insects

Summer is stinging insect season, and Rottler Pest Solutions wants to keep you safe. Learn how to avoid the stinging insect threat with these simple steps….

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