5 Tips for Protecting Your Pets From Fleas

According to the American Pet Products Association, pet ownership is at record levels. Seventy percent of American households own a pet. With dogs (69%) or cats (45%) being the two most popular pets, our four-legged companions are a significant part of daily life for thousands of households. Another reality that comes with owning a dog…

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detailed photo of mosquito on skin

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Take A Bite Out of Your Summer

Here's how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of mosquitos:…

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close up of yellow jacket stinging insect perched on greenery

Avoiding Issues With Stinging Insects

Summer is stinging insect season, and Rottler Pest Solutions wants to keep you safe. Learn how to avoid the stinging insect threat with these simple steps….

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It’s Bed Bug Season: Are You Ready?

According to Longwoods International, a Columbus, Ohio-based travel research firm, 89 percent of American travelers are planning a trip in the next six months. And as excitement around the prospect of traveling again grows, it’s easy to forget one tiny, but trip-altering threat – bed bugs. While these elusive pests are found just about everywhere,…

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people laying down in grass enjoying pest free yard

6 Tips For Preventing Bugs In Your Backyard

Insects are generally outdoor creatures. Their natural habitat is not inside your kitchen cabinets, basement or garage – it's outdoors in your backyard….

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ants in kitchen

2021 Spring Pest Forecast + Prevention Tips

What pests should you look out for this Spring? Rottler gives you the pest forecast and how you can prevent them….

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tiny, red spider beetle on a piece of paper

Spider Beetle FAQ: Do Spider Beetles Bite? How to Prevent Them

Have you heard about spider beetles? No, we didn’t just make this pest up!…

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