Pests Don’t Fly South for the Winter

Just because the leaves and temperatures are dropping, doesn’t mean pests aren’t attempting to gain access to your home. In some instances, the arrival of fall emboldens certain pest species to enter your living space. An array of pests from mice to bed bugs remain active all year-around. And don’t let the “out of sight,…

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How Sizzling Summer Temperatures Increase Pest Activity

Anyone who’s spent some time in Missouri, eastern Illinois or Kansas knows summer means one thing – hot, humid weather. Another given is that along with those sizzling temperatures and unpleasant dew point levels, insects will be more abundant and more active. There are multiple reasons why pest populations including mosquitoes, flies, ants, stinging insects,…

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Is Your Home a Safe Haven for Pests?

Clutter Promotes Pests Clutter in closets, cabinets, under beds, attics, garages, sheds, and crawlspaces gives opportunistic pests a place to establish harborage sites that are free from the average eye. And if pests such as ants, spiders, mosquitoes go undetected and find sources of food and water they will multiply and cause problems before you…

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The Importance of Year-Round Pest Control

Pests do not take vacations. They don’t step away for the weekend or go off to school or work each day. As much as home and business owners want it to happen, pests don’t disappear even in the colder winter months. In Rottler Pest Solutions’ service area of Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas, pests from mice…

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people laying down in grass enjoying pest free yard

6 Tips For Preventing Bugs In Your Backyard

Insects are generally outdoor creatures. Their natural habitat is not inside your kitchen cabinets, basement or garage – it's outdoors in your backyard….

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cartoon image of downtown neighborhood center with cars and market

Pest Management in Retail Facilities

Establishing an integrated pest management (IPM) program in retail properties, especially those that offer groceries or contain quick service restaurants options, is more critical than ever.  What do property managers and business owners need to know about the pest threats that exist in the retail environment? Here are some common pest issues to be aware of…

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office building with windows and grass

Reopening Your Business Without Pests

As businesses start to reopen, expand hours or welcome back employees, it is important for business owners and commercial property managers to take action to protect their operations from unwanted pests….

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ants in kitchen

2021 Spring Pest Forecast + Prevention Tips

What pests should you look out for this Spring? Rottler gives you the pest forecast and how you can prevent them….

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Commercial Pest Prevention

The Difference Between Pest Control and Pest Prevention

Property, facility and QA managers often confuse the subtle, yet important differences between pest control and pest prevention. Taking either for granted or making assumptions can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of a pest control program. Pest control is often defined as deploying pest control devices or making targeted application of pesticides to…

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Technology and Pest Control

Technology and Pest Management – Real Time Electronic Monitoring

Technology is not only expanding the breadth of the services pest management professionals provide commercial clients, but also furthering the quality of those services. The deployment of electronic monitoring devices for rodents and insects or GoPro or trail cameras help gather critical data on pest activity in a commercial facility. It allows pest management professionals…

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