FAQs About the 2024 Cicada Emergence

How bad will the 2024 “Cicadapocalypse” be?

It is expected trillions of cicadas will emerge, however, there will not be a significant overlap between the two broods. Brood XIX will emerge in most of Missouri and southern Illinois, and Brood XIII will emerge in the northern region of Illinois. The only area that will likely see an overlap is Springfield, Illinois.









When will cicadas emerge in Missouri and Illinois?

Some cicadas have already begun to emerge! Cicadas will emerge when the soil temperatures reach about 64° and it is currently at about 60°.









Can pest control help with cicadas?

Cicadas pose no real threat to humans or animals, so there is not much that can be done on the pest control side of things.

Watch our TikTok of Entomologist and Technical Director, Jay Everitt, talking all things “Cicadapocalypse”!





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