Fall Is Here and So Are Overwintering Pests

It’s common for Midwesterners to spend the winter in warmer climates. But what about the insects that have been inhabiting yards all spring and summer long? Where do they go when the temperatures drop and the snow falls? Many head for your home. Brown marmorated stink bugs, boxelder bugs, Asian lady beetles, and cluster flies –…

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Flies In September? Say It Isn’t So

It’s September and your property is still experiencing issues with flies. What’s going on? Flies like warm weather and the warm and humid summer the Midwest experienced has contributed to increased breeding levels and an explosion of fly populations. With a new generation of flies being produced every few weeks it’s no wonder business owners…

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No Jacket(s) Required

  Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Genesis front man Phil Collins released an album in the 1980s titled No Jacket Required that produced several legendary hits. That title is exactly how Missouri, Illinois and Kansas homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts feel about the presence of yellowjackets and other stinging insects this time of year…

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pest free school

Give Pests A Failing Grade this School Year

It’s back to school for thousands of students across Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. From kindergartners on their first day of school to college seniors, schools and campuses are alive with activity as the year kicks off. Why Are Pests Attracted to Schools The reality is that pests are part of the “lesson plan” for schools…

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Checking Bed Bugs Out of Hotels

What types of commercial properties are most susceptible to bed bug infestations? The list features many locations that people visit on a regular basis including doctor’s offices, schools, and office buildings. Topping the list, however, of at-risk commercial properties are hotels, according to research compiled by the National Pest Management Association.  Because of the constant…

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An Underground Threat To Your Lawn

Moles and voles are small mammals that can cause quite a bit of damage to your yard in a short amount of time because their destructive tunneling. As they dig through the earth, they destroy roots weakening the grass or plants above. Eliminating these annoying pests can be tricky since they live underground and out…

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detailed photo of mosquito on skin

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Take A Bite Out of Your Summer

Here's how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of mosquitos:…

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close up view of spider web with dark background

Is Your Pest Management Program Continuously Improving?

Pest management programs shouldn't stay the same over time if they are going to be truly effective for the long run….

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close up of yellow jacket stinging insect perched on greenery

Avoiding Issues With Stinging Insects

Summer is stinging insect season, and Rottler Pest Solutions wants to keep you safe. Learn how to avoid the stinging insect threat with these simple steps….

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commercial building with window reflection and blue skies

Preventing Bed Bugs in Commercial Properties

With more businesses fully reopening and employees returning to their desks, bed bugs will again be an issue. In non-residential commercial facilities such as office buildings and retail stores where inactive, sleeping human hosts are not readily available, bed bugs tend to wander around randomly looking for unsuspecting targets….

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