Team Spotlight: Tyler Ferin

How long have you been with Rottler?

I have been with Rottler for 10 months. I will be celebrating my one year in September!

How did you get started in the Pest Control Industry?

This is my first job in the Pest Control Industry. Prior to working for Rottler, I was in the Food Industry for 11 years. I loved the customer service side but was looking for a change in career with more consistent hours. My friend, Peyton, referred me to work for Rottler after raving about how much she loved the company. It has been a great fit ever since!





What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

I would describe myself as hard-working, outgoing, and caring.

Who is your favorite band?

Zach Bryan is my favorite artist!

What is the best vacation you have been on?

The best vacation I have been on was my trip to Cancun, Mexico. On this trip, I proposed to my wife with all our friends there! We were able to celebrate in paradise.