Rottler Technician Tim Schulte Named Industry Award Finalist

Tim Schulte

Pest Control Technology Magazine identified Tim Schulte from Rottler Pest Solutions Wentzville office as a national finalist for the magazine’s 2022 Technician of the Year award. Recognizing standout service professionals in pest control, PCT’s Technician of the Year award is a top achievement in the pest control industry, which honors excellence in customer service and a tenacious protection of public health and property.

Known for his “contagious enthusiasm” and hailed as “a leader for not only his local team, but a go-to for the entire Rottler team”, Schulte has built a reputation for being a partner and colleague that is determined to do it all – and it seems he’s proven he can. As one of the most tenured team members in his branch, he’s demonstrated he possesses the drive to handle an impressive portfolio of work.

“No matter how much we give him, he always gets it done,” says his manager, Ron Smith. “He knows the full range of pest control, but he also handles a substantial portion of wildlife trapping and exclusion work for the entire department due to his knowledge of biology and building structures. There is not a job that he cannot handle.”

Tim Schulte with chickens

Schulte is known among customers for being courteous and friendly, and his co-workers describe him as having a strong sense of community. Further solidifying himself as both generous and a large fixture in the German Cultural Society of St. Louis, Schulte recently was one of six Missourians to receive a grant to grow hops as a local co-op that contributes to the small business microbrew industry. He is also heavily involved in the reenactment community and believes in the importance of learning about history and heritage. During his spare time, Schulte practices beekeeping and small batch beer brewing.

Tim with Wife

“He is always willing to chip in and help, especially if it is a tough job! His customers love him and that says it all,” says Smith.

In addition to all the love he gets from his clients, his Rottler colleagues are also quick to call out his compassion and love for being a team player. “He gives everyone lovable nicknames that follow them through their career here at Rottler. Creating those bonds as a team might seem small, but it goes a long way in leading by example and he does that by setting the pace.”

While there are plenty of compliments emphasizing Schulte’s amicable attitude and attention to customer service, Smith’s summary of his precision and job execution is perhaps most impressive. “Our leadership team has a ‘Tim Schulte Factor’, which means we basically throw his numbers out when looking for tech efficiency and route size. Most would see a major drop in quality or customer reviews, but Tim is the exception. He still finds termites, rodents, pests, etc., still closes entry points and maintains high customer satisfaction.”