Rottler Appoints Bryan Bochantin as the Training and Development Specialist

Exciting new educational initiatives are taking place at Rottler Pest Solutions with the promotion of Bryan Bochantin as the Training and Development Specialist.

Technical Director, Jay Everitt, has been continuously working to reconstruct the new hire training process with Bochantin’s assistance. These efforts aim to ensure every new hire is provided with a leading education that will set them up for success in their career as a Pest Management Professional. Bochantin’s main role in this effort is to ensure new team members feel supported and prepared throughout this process.

The training process is divided into classroom sessions and hands-on field experience. Bochantin’s new position will allow him to lead these sessions and create learning materials to aid trainees during their journey. The goal of these initiatives is to guarantee each new hire receives top-quality training as Rottler employee numbers continue to increase

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