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Serving ST. Louis Since 1956

Here in St. Louis, locals eat gooey butter cake and toasted raviolis, live and breathe for the Cardinals and are known for their generosity. At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we love St. Louis and the people and businesses that call this city home because we’re from here, too. We've been protecting homes and businesses in the St. Louis area since 1956. That is when our founder, Fred Rottler, started a small pest control business with a $10 loan he got from his wife's aunt. Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions has come a long way since its humble beginnings but we still have the same family approach to business and are ready to be your trusted St. Louis pest control company.


Pest Control Solutions Offered In St. Louis


  • General Pest Control & Prevention

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments

  • Bird Control

  • K-9 Bed Bug Detection

  • Mosquito Control

  • Rodent Exclusion

  • Attic Insulation
  • & More


  • General Pest Control & Prevention

  • National Coverage

  • Bird Control

  • Mosquito Control

  • Christmas Lighting

  • Termite Control

  • Wildlife Management


  • General Lawn Care Services

  • Tree & Shrubs

  • Mole & Lawn Rodent Control

  • Mosquito Control


St Louis Pest Control Pros That Drive For Excellence

Our continued drive for excellence has earned us QualityPro certification from the National Pest Management Association. Through ongoing audits nationwide, the NPMA seeks to hold pest control providers to the highest standards and Rottler has shown itself to exceed these national standards in business operations, testing and training, and consumer protection. We are also the first pest control company in Missouri to be QualityPro Green certified. This mark of excellence is only given to companies that exceed national government standards for environmental stewardship. In all we do, we seek to be the best. This effort was rewarded in 2002 when Pest Control Technology magazine put us on their top 100 list.  Today we remain on that list, having earned #50 for 2015.  

st louis pest control technician

Home Pest Control IN St. Louis, MO

What bugs are bugging you and your home, St. Louis? Whatever they are, you can be sure that we've seen them before. Keeping pests out of St. Louis homes takes continued effort because bugs and rodents don't take a holiday.  Our Signature Pest Protection begins with an exterior treatment and a thorough interior inspection and treatment to ensure all current infesting pests are controlled. You can expect a state-certified technician to place insect glue monitors around the interior of your home to study pest pressures, dust pipe chases and attic spaces to protect vulnerable areas, vacuum up dead insects, remove spider webs, inspect light fixtures, look for pest evidence under furniture, and more.

When you choose this ongoing pest control program, throughout the year your technician will focus on the exterior of your home, only scheduling to come inside if necessary. You can expect that your technician will inspect and treat the exterior of your home, remove spider webs and eggs, apply a perimeter barrier treatment around the house, treat all pest entry points, and refill bait stations. Your home will be evaluated for pest pressures based on evidence found in bait stations and evidence left in sheds, under decks, around swing sets, inside mailboxes and other sensitive locations.

If you need pest control in St. Louis, choose the company that knows the pests in St. Louis. What do you have to lose? We back all of our pest services with a Money Back Guarantee, and all our termite services with a $250,000 property damage warranty. Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is the right choice for home pest control in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri. 


Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions offers relief from ants, spiders, bed bugs, termites and other pests throughout Mid-Missouri including:

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