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When it comes to servicing your home, we understand you want pest control that works with your schedule. Along with our superior level of service and the most advanced procedures and products, we also offer same-day services, Saturday servicing, and 24-hour phone lines.

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Pest Control in Florissant

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Pest Control in Florissant

If you’re tired of battling pests in your home, we’re here to offer the relief you need. When it comes to keeping a pest-free home in Florissant, Rottler Pest Solutions is there for you.


Serving Florissant Residents for 56+ Years

Florissant, MO is a great place to live; in fact, it was ranked in the top 100 Best Places to Live by Money Magazine in 2012. Florissant is the 12th largest city in Missouri and is filled with historic sites, great neighborhoods, booming businesses, local attractions, and tasty restaurants. The pest control professionals here at Rottler Pest Solutions are proud to be a part of a local family-owned business and are dedicated to providing trustworthy pest control services to business and homeowners found throughout Missouri including in Florissant.

Eliminate Household Pests For Good

Ants, spiders, roaches, flies, mice, centipedes, lady beetles, and silverfish are common household invaders and are all pests that can be eliminated and prevented against through our home pest control program. Our Signature Pest Protection program is an all-inclusive service that provides the protection your home needs to ensure it is being continuously guarded against pests. Sign up for our Signature Pest Protection program and you will receive:

  • A thorough inspection of your home’s structure.
  • Notes are taken of visible pest activity and the conditions that are attracting pests to your property.
  • Glue monitors are placed around the inside of your home.
  • Pipe chases and accessible attic spaces are dusted.
  • Spider webs and eggs are removed.
  • A perimeter treatment and full interior treatment is performed.

Exterior Treatments to Prevent Pest Entry

After the initial visit, the Signature Pest Protection program focuses on the exterior of your home to stop pests from being able to breach your home’s boundaries. At each follow-up visit you can expect one of our state-certified technicians to:

  • Remove spider webs and eggs.
  • Complete a perimeter barrier treatment around your house.
  • Treat pest entry points.
  • Refill bait stations.
  • Inspect things outbuildings-treating as needed.


Commercial Pest Control in Florissant, MO

To provide the safest pest control options possible for your commercial property, trust the experienced and highly trained professionals here at Rottler Pest Solutions. We believe in following the principles of Integrated Pest Management, or IPM for short, to control pest infestation in and around commercial facilities. IPM works to solve any pest problem while minimizing risks to people and the environment. IPM focuses on the prevention of pests through a combination of biological control, habitat modification, exclusion, sanitization, and education.

Insecticides are targeted and used sparingly, helping to minimize the risks to people, plants, and the surrounding environment, while still effectively eliminating dangerous and disease-spreading pests. No matter what species of pest are trying to invade your commercial facility we have a solution that will work. We provide the following commercial pest control services:

  • Inspections
  • Treatments
  • Insect Management
  • Wildlife Control
  • Rodent Management
  • Bird Control
  • Pheromone Monitoring
  • Fumigations
  • And more!


Bed Bug Treatments in Florissant

Having routine bed bug inspections performed in your Florissant home or business by a trained professional is the best way to protect either from experiencing a large-scale bed bug infestation. To inspect a home or business Rottler partners with our highly trained K-9 inspectors; our K-9 inspectors can detect adults, nymphs, and eggs found in any size infestation, in any size property, no matter if the infestation is very large or very small. If bed bugs are discovered, our certified technicians are able to quickly eliminate an infestation. We can also successfully eliminate bed bug infestations using conventional liquid products. Contact the bed bug professionals at Rottler Pest Solutions to schedule your Florissant, MO property’s K-9 bed bug inspection today!


Rodent Control in Florissant

Rodents carry a variety of diseases along with them, including salmonella and hantavirus. To keep your home and family fully protected, Rottler Pest Solutions provides rodent control in Florissant. Our rodent control services will not only protect you from current infestations, but also set up preventative measures to keep rodents out of your home long-term!

Our rodent exterminator technicians will remove the following from your home:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Squirrels
  • And other rodents, large and small!

Save $35 on Long-Lasting Rodent Exclusion and Removal

At Rottler Pest Solutions, our goal is to establish effective rodent control to keep rodents out of your home year-round. When you contact us for rodent control in Florissant, we will send a professional rodent exterminator to conduct an initial inspection. Following inspection, we will set up traps and baits around your home to ensure quick rodent removal, then seal all entry points in the interior and exterior of your home to prevent future infestations.


Termite Treatment in Florissant

A termite infestation can be difficult to detect if you don’t know exactly what to look for, giving these insects plenty of time to eat through your home’s structural supports. If left untreated, termites can do hundreds, even thousands of dollars in damage to your home and leave you to pay the bill. For the protection you deserve, trust our termite treatment in Florissant. We use the best products available to eliminate existing colonies while preventing future infestations.

Our termite treatment in Florissant utilizes the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, which works like this:

  • Bait stations that are more tempting than wood are placed around the perimeter of your home.
  • Termites ingest the bait and share it with their colony, quickly spreading it.
  • The bait prevents termites from growing and maturing, which causes the colony to collapse.
  • Every termite on your property is eliminated, including the queen.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring ensures your home stays protected for the long haul.

We also offer a $250,000 damage warranty with our termite treatment in Florissant, plus free re-treatments. No one offers more comprehensive treatment than Rottler! It’s time to protect your family and your home from termites with the help of the experts from Rottler!


Safe, Effective, Affordable – All You Need

Rottler Pest Solutions is a company that takes great pride in providing Missouri families with effective, safe, and affordable pest control services. Since 1956 we have been protecting people, pets, and property, all while eliminating dangerous and damaging pests. Our technicians are highly skilled, trained, and committed to getting rid of any and all pests that have infested a Florissant home or business. Other benefits to choosing Rottler to take care of your home or business’s pest control needs include:

  • We guarantee our services and if you are ever not satisfied we will return and make it right!
  • We are one of the Top 100 pest management firms in the Nation!
  • Our technicians are continuously trained and educated to make sure that we are always providing top of the line services to all of our Missouri customers!

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