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Trust. It embodies a lot for such a small word. Here in Chesterfield, Missouri, and surrounding communities, we know all too well the meaning of the word. Over 47,000 people call this great place home. We trust that our families and our businesses will be sustained here. We trust all the many people that are in charge of our municipality to keep us safe and to decide what is best for the present and future of our area. Here at Rottler Pest and Lawn Service, we value trust also. We know that you, our neighbors, trust our local pest control company to provide you with safe, timely and effective pest control services in Chesterfield that get rid of ants, mice, and other pests. 


Services Offered In Chesterfield And West St Louis County


  • Pest Control & Prevention

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments

  • Bird Control

  • Mosquito Control

  • Rodent Exclusion

  • Wildlife Removal

  • Attic Insulation
  • & More


  • General Pest Control & Prevention

  • National Coverage

  • Bird Control

  • Termite Control

  • Wildlife Management

  • Mosquito Control

  • Christmas Lighting


  • General Lawn Care Services

  • Tree & Shrubs

  • Mole & Lawn Rodent Control

  • Mosquito Control


Chesterfield Exterminators You Can Trust

We trust our team members to represent us with dignity and pride each and every day at each and every home and business we serve. Our family has been earning the trust of our Chesterfield and Missouri neighbors since our founding in 1956. From our humble beginnings on the back of one man to our extended service coverage area of today, we knew from the start that trust was key in this industry. Our service team members receive continuous training and education. From the very moment that they accept our invitation to be part of our award-winning team, we invest in them, trusting that they will be an intricate part of our future. You can trust our family to take care of yours.


Honest TERMITE Control In Chesterfield

Although we can’t always trust the weather to cooperate with our plans, you can trust that at some point here in Chesterfield, Missouri it is going to get hot and humid. While that may not sound appealing to you, it is definitely appealing to termites – especially subterranean termites that nest in the soil near your house or business and build pathways up your basement walls. These little building wreckers eat wood twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long, and cost property owners in the United States billions of dollars annually. If not dealt with, these wood-destroying insects can weaken the support beams and load-bearing studs in your home or business and eventually warp the frame of your building. This leads to floors that sink, walls that bulge, doors, and windows that don't open and bent wood that is costly to replace.

Trust us when we say, these are some home invaders that you do NOT want in your Chesterfield business or home. We live and work in Chesterfield and that's why we know that termite treatment and control isn't just a good idea; it's essential. For this reason, we have worked hard to create the most advanced and effective termite monitoring and treatment program available. And because we trust that our treatments to be successful, we back them up with a $250,000 termite damage warranty. You read right. That isn't just termite protection; it's termite insurance. Our termite control specialists in Chesterfield use proven products from groundbreaking companies like Sentricon® to monitor for termite activity and stop these insects before they can get inside.

When you trust the Rottler to protect your investments, it is like having a home security system that specifically guards against termites. Strategically-placed termite bait stations are set up to not only detect termites but send a poison back into the encroaching termite colony to fully destroy it from the queen up. No more colony means no more termites.

For termite and all your other pest control needs in Chesterfield, call the company that your neighbors know and trust, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, proudly serving Missouri since 1956.


Rodent Control in Chesterfield

While rodents are small, they can cause some big problems! These dangerous pests can enter your home through holes smaller than half an inch in size and can wreak havoc on your walls, contaminate your food, chew your electrical wires and put your home at risk of a fire, as well as expose you and your loved ones to countless dangerous and even deadly diseases. Don’t take that chance! Whether you have current rodent problems or just want to prevent an infestation in the future, our QualityPro-certified team at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can offer you the Chesterfield rodent control solutions you need to put your mind at ease. Our rodent extermination in Chesterfield provides you with:

  • A free rodent inspection to assess your home for signs of mice and rats, in addition to possible entry points
  • A Chesterfield rodent exterminator who can seal off rodent entrances and set up traps or bait to get rid of any pests already inside
  • Peace of mind knowing your home and family is protected from rodents

Our family has been in the business of pest control in and around St. Louis for over 60 years, and because of that, we are confident that our Chesterfield rodent control methods work. We’ll even offer you a one-year warranty on our rodent exclusion program—your home will be rodent-free for a year after treatment, or we’ll re-treat for no additional cost! Contact us today to get rid of your rodents and keep them gone!


Mosquito Control in Chesterfield

There’s nothing like a swarm of mosquitoes to make your yard an itchy and uncomfortable place to be. You know mosquitoes and their bites and buzzing are annoying, but did you know they carry a variety of dangerous diseases such as West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Malaria, and more? Capable of breeding in even the smallest puddles and birdbaths, mosquitoes reproduce quickly, making them nearly impossible to avoid.

Don’t let these nasty pests take over your property! At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we offer the mosquito control in Chesterfield you need to get back a comfortable backyard to enjoy. How can Rottler treat your Chesterfield mosquito control needs?

  • We offer same-day service and a free inspection to assess your property for mosquitoes and their breeding grounds.
  • Our ProQuality certified Chesterfield mosquito exterminators will use our specialized and effective treatments to exterminate mosquito larvae and keep them gone. They’ll also apply a residual treatment to your property to get rid of any adult mosquitoes that might be lurking in the shady parts of your yard, such as under trees or awnings.
  • We offer an eco-friendly automatic mosquito misting system that is hard on mosquitoes but easy on your family and the environment. It uses a plant-based, biodegradable insecticide that can be set on an automatic timer or sprayed when you need it. That’s the protection you can feel good about!

Not only does our family have over 60 years of experience in Chesterfield mosquito extermination, but our mosquito treatment will also protect your property from disease-carrying fleas and ticks! Contact us today to start protecting your property and get back in the yard!


Solutions For Chesterfield & West St. Louis County

In addition to providing local pest control, wildlife management and lawn care in Chesterfield, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solution services West St. Louis County and Mid-Missouri including:

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