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I'm Expecting: Is Pest Control Safe During Pregnancy?

pregnant woman

Many families are concerned about the potentially harmful effects of continuing pest control services while pregnant. The fear is that the use of chemicals to treat for pests will threaten the health of mother and baby. So what is a worried mother to do? The experts in home pest control services at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions would like to share the reasons why pregnancy and pest control are safe for all involved.

First, you have to consider the amount of harm that pest infestations do cause. There are many diseases and harmful bacteria spread by pests, which can leave you feeling ill. Pests contaminate food, surfaces, and the air just by their presence alone. The bacteria and diseases spread by pests are going to be more harmful than any chemicals used to treat for them.

Second, consider the advances in pest control technology including the green approach to pest control services at Rottler, using environmentally sound methods and green products for pest control that is safe for both children and pets. Depending on the pest that is infesting your home, your pest control company may not even have to use a drop of chemicals to get rid of the problem.

And last, even if your local pest control company does need to use chemicals and pesticides to treat your pest problem, as long as you alert them ahead of time that you are pregnant, it will still be safe. The trained professionals will be able to advise you of any precautions that should be taken to ensure there are no affects to mom or baby. You may be asked to leave windows open or stay out of the home for a certain amount of time in order to be sure that all airborne chemicals have dissipated.

There is no need to delay or cancel your pest control program during your pregnancy. Just a quick call ahead of time to alert your technician will ensure that there are no harmful chemicals that will disturb mom or baby. If you would like more information on Rottler’s pregnancy safe pest control services in St. Louis and surrounding Mid Missouri, contact us today!

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