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Well, here we are again. It's mosquito season. And, we have been seeing a lot of rain and a lot of heat throughout our coverage area. That means we're going to have a lot more mosquitoes trying to bite us, and a higher chance of being exposed to mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile, malaria, and dengue. Here is how it works.


Mosquitoes thrive in wet weather. These are insects that are drawn to lay eggs in areas of still water, and these areas are abundant after it rains. Some mosquitoes lay eggs in the ground, and those eggs will hatch after it rains. Either way, rain will make mosquitoes produce faster.


Increased temperatures can increase the speed of mosquito incubation and the growth of larvae. It usually takes about three days for mosquito eggs to hatch, but that time frame can be reduced if mosquitoes sense that temperatures are ideal. And, once the larvae burst free from their eggs, warm temperatures will help them mature faster because these are cold-blooded creatures that rely on external heat sources to warm their bodies.


It may seem like mosquito bites are inevitable, but this is simply not true. Here are some ways that work to reduce bites.

  • Knowing how mosquitoes behave can save you from being bitten. If you understand that mosquitoes are most active in the morning and evening, you can avoid going out at those times. If you know that mosquitoes are more likely to be near marshes and in shaded areas, like the woods, you can better protect yourself. Knowing that mosquitoes target people who are wearing darker colors, have a higher temperature, are sweating more, and are producing more carbon dioxide, can help you to make decisions that will make you less of a target.

  • If you are going to be in a place where mosquitoes can bite you, there are 2 levels of protection you can apply. You can wear a mosquito repellent that has DEET or citronella to ward off bites, or you can wear apparel that has mosquito netting.

  • If you want to enjoy some time in your backyard the best way to protect yourself is through pest services. Mosquito abatement services reduce eggs in your yard, eliminate breeding sites, and kill adult mosquitoes. While these services won't prevent new mosquitoes from coming into your yard, it is important to understand that many mosquitoes will not travel more than 300 feet in their lifetime. That means you are more likely to be bitten by a mosquito that was born in your yard or in your neighborhood.

Mosquito abatement services are what our government has been using to prevent the spread of dangerous viruses in our country for decades. But, it is vital to understand that what government health agencies do to protect us is only part of the solution. Effective mosquito control requires that home and business owners get involved. It is also important to understand that mosquito services can be part of a larger pest plan, like the Signature Pest Control Program here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. So, while you're protecting your family and your community from dangerous mosquito-borne viruses, you can have protection from all the other pests that can hurt your home and your health.

If you're in our service area, get plugged into our Signature Plus Pest Control Program. When you have Signature Plus Pest Protection, you have the most effective protection available.

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