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Advancements In Attic Insulation

When someone says "attic insulation," what do you immediately think of? If you're like most people, sheets of fiberglass insulation come to your mind. After all, fiberglass is what most homes have been using, in some form or another, since Dale Kleist accidentally turned a stream of molten glass into fine fibers and marketed it as Fiberglas®, back in the 1930s. But, attic insulation is…

Tags: InCide® Attic Insulation  |  benefits of InCide Attic Insulation  |  environmentally friendly insulation

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What Sorts Of Things Can Cause A House Fire?

Your house can catch fire because of a furnace or chimney that wasn't cleaned, flammable liquids that were stored improperly, overloaded power strips, lightning strikes, old wiring, fireworks, arsonists, mice… What? Wait a minute. How on earth can mice be a fire hazard?

Tags: mice  |  mice prevention tips  |  free home inspection  |  mice can damage your home and cause fire

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What Is The Term-Alert™ Termite Monitoring System?

There are tons of ways to stop or kill termites, and our on-staff entomologists know them all. Why? Because Missouri is in what is referred to as the "moderate to heavy" zone for termite infestations in the United States, and we want to know for sure that our customers are protected. That is why we use a mixture of techniques, rather than one "out of the box" solution. And, we back our termite…

Tags: termites in Missouri  |  term-alert  |  home and commercial termite control

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