Do Moles Hibernate In Winter?

mole up close

Let's talk about moles. No, not the beauty mark kind that is considered pretty on the face of a pretty girl, but the animal kind that can make your yard look less than pretty if it is allowed to set up housekeeping underneath your property. Moles are destructive creatures that feed on grubs, insects, and earthworms (which are good for your soil). To do this, they tunnel underneath the ground, which damages lawns and landscapes. Continue

Guide To Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Your Home

cockroach on dirty plate

In our service area, we are called in to treat for cockroaches quite often. These are dirty and pernicious pests that can poison food, taint food prep surfaces, and spread diseases and allergens throughout a structure. In fact, they are reported to spread six kinds of parasitic worms, over seven human pathogens, and at least 33 kinds of bacteria. Continue

Ants Go Marching One By One

ants on the floor of st. louis home

Have you ever seen an ant line outside? Here in the United States, it is much less common than in countries near the equator, but it can happen. It is quite impressive, especially if they are carrying large pieces of leaf or some other visible food source. Ants are amazing to watch. They make lines, bridges, and even floating structures to keep them above rising flood waters, and they do all of this without any training. But there is another thing ants do naturally that can make them a problem… Continue

Why Struggle With Christmas Lights

home decorated in christmas lights

Do you love the twinkle of Christmas? Do you enjoy the glow of the holidays? Well, that glow doesn't happen all by itself, does it? It takes hours of complicated work. You have to go up into the attic, drag the boxes down, hope that all of the lights were put away neatly and, if they weren't, spend hours untangling the mess. Once that's done, you'll be getting out the ladder and going around your entire home foot by foot, climbing and stapling as you go. This will be followed by a moment of… Continue

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