Safe way to hang your Christmas lights

Even if you don’t go all out with hanging thousands of Christmas lights, getting them on the house can be a time-consuming chore and dangerous. Continue

Time To Unpack The Christmas Decorations

decorations for christmas

The last turkey sandwiches have finally been eaten, and the radio stations have all made the switch to songs about Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman. The stores are full of holiday shoppers looking for the perfect gift for everyone on their list. All over boxes filled with tinsel, brightly colored ornaments, and thousands of tangled Christmas lights are making their way out of attics, basements, and garages to begin the process of making Missouri a winter wonderland. Throughout this hectic time… Continue

Nuisance Wildlife, Cold Weather Pests Can Be So Annoying

raccoons getting into a trash can

You know the ones! You go out to take a walk in the crisp night air, and there they are rummaging through your trash, spreading it all over the place. It takes a minute for your heart to stop pounding and the tingles to leave the top of your head once you realize that you have come face to face with a raccoon. Secretly, you are some thankful that it wasn’t a skunk; but nonetheless, you could have done without being startled. Continue

Bed Bugs & Holiday Travel

family traveling for christmas

It is really hard to believe that the holidays are here again already. In some respects, the days have literally flown by but the time away from family has seemed like an eternity. The excitement of being back together with loved ones is building, and you can hardly wait to head home to visit with childhood friends and old school mates. You have everything planned. Your tickets are purchased, and you found them at a great price. You have packed your bags and then re-packed them. Continue

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