How Dangerous Can A Squirrel Really Be?

squirrels sneaking into st louis home

There are some pests we can look at and instantly determine that they are a threat. If you're seeing yellow jackets crawling around on your home, you know those insects need to go. If a skunk scurries across your lawn and disappears under your porch, no one has to tell you that skunks stink to have around. You know. But, there are some pests we actually encourage to be in our yards. Squirrels are one of them. Continue

How Dangerous Are Raccoons?

raccoon sneaking onto st louis property

We have a lot of wildlife pests in our St. Louis service area, everything from fluffy, adorable chipmunks to not so adorable snakes. But, the cuteness of a wild animal is not necessarily an indication of how safe it is. Raccoons are a prime example. They're fluffy, they're curious, and they have a wide-eyed stare that may have you thinking that these animals are too innocent to ever do anything wrong. But they do lots of wrong things when they come into your yard. They tip over your trash… Continue

Mice Are Not As Cute As The Cartoons

mouse found in st. louis home

Picture this scene. Christmas lights strung all around the room. Twinkling tree in front of the big picture window. Pine garland strung along the top of the fireplace. It is nighttime, everything is still, and then enters a tiny little mouse named Jingles. How many stories do you know that feature darling cartoon mice who save the day? Well, we are here to tell you that, this is all well and good for cartoons, but in reality, mice at Christmas time is not a happy story. Continue

Got Opossum Problems?

opossum near st. louis home

If you are seeing opossums on your property, you may be asking yourself why they have chosen your yard to set up housekeeping. There are several things that opossums find attractive and, if you make a few changes, you may be able to deter these, and other wild animals, from plaguing you. Continue

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