The Tale of the Perfect Vacation

suitcase sitting next to bed

Did you bring back a souvenir from your perfect vacation that you weren't intending to? Bed bugs are all too often a souvenir that tags along home with you and causing havoc. Continue

Animal Control in Springfield, Missouri

raccoons in tree

Do you like it when wildlife comes onto your property? It probably depends on what it is, right? You're not likely to have an issue with something small, cute, and adorable. But if you stepped outside and came face to face with a bear, that would be another thing altogether. But the truth is all wild animals can cause problems when they leave nature and come onto our properties. Continue

Missouri's Top 5 Spring Pest Threats For 2016

tick crawling on st louis resident

Meet this year's top 5 spring pest threats for Missouri, and you might be surprised! There's a rookie on the list! Continue

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