Winter Raccoon Problems

raccoon looking for shelter

When the snow is finally piled on the ground, and icicles are hanging from the eaves, it is only natural to think that pest season is over. Sadly, there is no one season for pests. You can have problems with bugs and wildlife in all four seasons. Winter is no exception. In fact, there are some factors in winter that make it more likely that you will have pests invade your property. Today we're going to talk about one pest in particular, and the two winter conditions that can drive these furry… Continue

Top 5 Ways Rodents Get Into Your St. Louis Home

mouse found in st. louis home

It is no secret that rodents can be a problem here in St. Louis. And, if you're dealing with mice or rats right now, you may be wondering how on Earth they're getting in. Don't worry. You're not alone. These furry little invaders are pretty clever. Here are a few ways rodents may be doing the reverse Houdini on you. Continue

Saving Money On Energy Bills

pest control insulation being blown into st. louis home

Did you have a dad who would get on your case whenever you left a light on? He was on to something. He knew that leaving that light on was going to cost him money. Sure, it was only pennies. But those were his pennies. The same is true today. Only those aren't his pennies you're losing anymore. If your home is leaking heat or wasting energy, you're going to feel it in more ways than one. Continue

Common Problems Caused By Tree Squirrels

tree squirrel in tree

Are you experiencing problems caused by tree squirrels? If you are, you know how much stress and anxiety they can cause for you as a home or property owner. Tree squirrels live throughout the country and are one of the most common varieties of squirrel. Their name gives them away since they are commonly found in trees. Continue

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