Is My Home At Risk for Spider Infestations During the Winter?

spider in st. louis basement

This is an interesting question because there are many facets to it. We must consider how well spiders do in winter, where they find food during the winter months, and how secure the exterior of your home is. There is another point we must consider, but we'll cover that later. Continue

How to Tell if a Rodent Has Gotten Into Your Home

rodent chewing a wire

One of the best ways to tell if there is a rodent in your home is by the noises they can make in your walls. While that bumping and scratching might be annoying, it leaves little doubt that you have a rodent problem. But rodents don't always make noise in the walls. Continue

Why Call Rottler for Raccoon Problems in Kansas City

raccoon up close

If a bobcat, cougar, or black bear found a way into your home, you wouldn't need anyone to tell you to be careful. You know how dangerous those animals can be. But when a raccoon enters a home, some homeowners attempt to get rid of it on their own, rather than calling a wildlife management company. Continue

Why Ant Problems in Columbia Aren’t Going Away on Their Own

ants on a bowl

Have you seen some ants crawling around in your kitchen? If you have, you may be disappointed to know that those ants are probably not going to go away unless you do something about them. Continue

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