Problems German Cockroaches Cause In Food Processing Facilities

apples being processed

They're small. Sometimes, they're really small. A German cockroach nymph is small enough to climb through the holes in a wall outlet. This makes them extraordinarily difficult to keep out of man-made structures. They are also exceptional hitchhikers. Even if you have the best pest control defenses in the world, you can still get an infestation of these cockroaches. Protecting a food processing facility from these insects requires experience and education. Continue

Homeowners Guide To Tick Prevention

tick embedded in skin

When it comes to protecting yourself and the ones you love from tick-related diseases, it is important to understand the problems associated with ticks. Hopefully, this quick guide will help clarify any questions you have. Continue

The Truth About Chiggers

chigger illustration

Chiggers are tiny insects that leave very irritating, itchy bites. This has led some to believe that chiggers are invisible to the naked eye. If you just laughed while reading that, it is probably because you've seen hundreds or even thousands of these insects on you. When this happens, it can quickly lead to panic, especially if you've tried jumping in the water to get them off only to realize this doesn't work! Here are a few things you should know about chiggers if you've never had the… Continue

How To Protect Your Ashland Home From Termite Damage

termites up close in ashland

At first, when termites make their way up from the soil and begin nibbling away at the insides of your walls, you won't see the damage being done. In fact, years can go by without anyone having a clue. But if this activity is allowed to go on for months and years at a time, the damage will start to become very apparent. Continue

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