Silverfish Are Destructive


As a homeowner, you probably have come across your fair share of common household pests, a line of ants here, a spider web over there, lady beetles in the window; but, did you know that there are a lot of other pests out there that may not be quite as common but are just as important to protect your Missouri home from? Continue

Common Ants In St. Louis

carpenter ants on piece of wood

Ants, ants and more ants…the relentless invasion of these pesky ants are everywhere. They march through your kitchen, restaurants, dormitories, nursing homes, hospitals, school cafeterias, and anywhere there are people and food. Ants come in all color and sizes. Some are simply a nuisance while others bite and sting. Still others, like the carpenter ant, can be destructive to physical property. Continue

Stinging Insects & Summer Go Hand In Hand... Unfortunately

stinging insect up close

Summer is here and the weather is perfect for planning fun and relaxing outdoor get-togethers! Picture it, after careful planning you have created the perfect backyard barbeque for your family and friends to enjoy. You have come up with the perfect seasoning blend for the hamburgers, mixed up the best lemonade ever, the deviled eggs are exceptional, and you even found a great deal on a new set of deck furniture. The stage is set for the perfect summer evening - that is until your guests are… Continue

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