Winter Rodent Problems to Be Aware of in Kansas City

rodent on wooden floor

A rodent infestation can pop up out of nowhere. One day, you don't have rodents, the next day, you do. But, when an infestation begins, you may not even know it. Most commensal rodents are very quiet as they go about their activities inside your home. Continue

Keeping Cockroaches Out of Columbia Homes This Holiday Season

cockroach on floor

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey, ham, or a vegetarian platter, food will be the centerpiece of your gathering. That's how it is for most holidays. But all that holiday food can be an attractant for cockroaches. Continue

Could My Springfield Home Still Be at Risk for Termites?

termites eating wood

In our Missouri service area, the termites that are most destructive to man-made structures are Eastern subterranean termites (Reticulitermes flavipes). How does the cold affect this species of termite? Continue

It's The Most Frustrating Time Of The Year

guy trying to untangle lights

Up the ladder. Down the ladder. Up the ladder. Staple. Staple. Down the ladder. Untangle. Pull. Shiver. Up the ladder. Staple. Does this sound familiar? How about—Flip the switch and nothing happens? Has that happened to you? Not only is it difficult to put up Christmas lights, a lot can go wrong Continue

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