Bed Bugs And School

school classroom in st. louis

This is the time of year when school is starting to ramp up. If you have little ones, they're probably bringing home projects and homework to do on the dining room table. If you have college-age kids, you're probably not hearing from them because they are preoccupied with the mountain of work they have to get through--and that can have you worried. Another thing you might want to be a little worried about is that your kids, both young and old, can bring home something from school that nobody… Continue

Perfect St. Louis Lawns Start With Aeration

lawn care technician performing aeration service

Sure, you can look out across the mountains in New England and see all the fall colors and gasp in awe at the beauty. You may have even walked upon a city street and gazed upon a magnificent cathedral or some other amazing man-made structure and see beauty. But, for lawns, perfection is not as easily achieved without proper planning, hard work, and maintenance. Continue

Carpenter Ants: A Year-Round Threat

carpenter ant found in st. louis home

While termites hold the position of the most common wood-destroying pest to invade your home, carpenter ants come in a close second. These insects cost home and business owners across the country millions of dollars in damages each and every year. For most, this is an expense that you don’t need. The reason these pests cause so much destruction is that you typically don’t even know they are inside your home because it’s an ‘inside job’. No, really! Deep inside… Continue

Top 5 Reasons You Do Not Want Muskrats on Your Property

muskrat up close

If you live in a desert, you're not likely to have to worry about muskrats, but here in Missouri, there aren't a lot of deserts. Check out these 5 reasons you do not want muskrats on your property and tips for controlling them. Continue

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