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So You Think You Can Handle That Wildlife Problem On Your Own?

I get it. You're strong and independent. These are two very good traits. But there are some things in life we leave for the experts. You're not going to remove your own gallbladder, are you? Of course not.

Tags: st. louis wildlife  |  st. louis pest control services  |  wildlife removal  |  wildlife control st. louis

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Rodents: Pet vs Pest

Some people own rats or other rodents. In fact, they can make a great pet, especially if you invest the time to "trust train" them. This is a process of letting them have an area to roam free around you, and requiring the rodents to eat from your hand.

Tags: get rid of rodents  |  home pest control  |  rodent control  |  rodent exclusion

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Where Are The Bed Bugs Hiding?

Bed bugs don't just live in your mattress. They can be in any number of places. Knowing where they live can help you safeguard your home and your family from these blood-sucking insects.

Tags: bed bug hiding places  |  bed bugs  |  bed bugs and travel

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