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The Newest Weapon in Man vs Bed Bugs

Here in the St. Louis area, bed bugs have become an increasing problem in recent years. Fortunately, there is a new weapon against these bothersome little pests that have transformed the fight against bed bugs. Dogs! That’s right, these cuddly companions are now good for more than fetching your slippers or the newspaper.

Tags: K-9 bed bug inspections  |  signs of bed bugs  |  bed bug control in st. louis

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Man’s best friend can find bed bugs before they bite

You may know dogs have a stronger sense of smell than humans, but did you know that they can track down bed bugs?

Tags: bed bug control  |  bed bug control in st. louis  |  bed bug dogs

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June 2015-The Wettest Month St. Louis Has Ever Seen!

June is typically the wettest month in St. Louis, but this month was the wettest on record with 13.14 inches of rainfall drenching the city. This beat out the 12.35 inches we got in June of 2003, and comes close to matching the current record holder for August. In August 1946, 14.78 inches of rain soaked the St. Louis area. That's a lot of rain! How does this weather affect pests? In some…

Tags: pest control in st. louis  |  Pest Infestation

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