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Which Spiders Are Actually Poisonous?

There are a lot of spiders in the world. A ton more than you might think. In fact, from where you're sitting you could be as close as a few yards from a spider, according to famous arachnologist Norman Platnick. Some scientists and media reporters have stretched this too, "You are never more than three feet from a spider.” While that may not always be true, we think the more important…

Tags: Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions  |  Free pest inspection  |  Poisonous Spiders

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What Is The Best Way To Ensure A Pest-Free Memorial Day BBQ?

As you get to work planning your fantastic menu, thinking about where you're going to set up the picnic tables and tiki torches, are you also thinking about pest control? You should be. Whether it’s a Memorial Day BBQ or another summertime backyard event, get togethers are always nicer without pests bugging you. Here is a short guide to making all of your celebrations more…

Tags: ant prevention  |  mosquitoes  |  stinging insect control  |  backyard pest prevention tips

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Common Wildlife Problems In Missouri

In Missouri, there are many creatures that can become a nuisance. Raccoons knock over your trash cans. Foxes raid your chicken coop. Skunks stink up the place. And a host of others dig up your lawn and get into your attic. But on the top of the list of repeat offenders you'll find the lovable squirrel. Yeah. Lovable. Right.

Tags: rottler pest control  |  prevent squirrel infestations  |  squirrel problems

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