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Are Rodents a Summer Concern Too?

People love summer. It’s a time for laughter and fun, weekends at the lake, and afternoon barbeques. As it turns out, rodents love summer too. Who knew? You're probably thinking, “Aren’t rodents a fall pest?” They can be. But keep in mind, they don’t take the summer off. They still need to eat. If you're not properly prepared, your home can become their…

Tags: rodent control  |  summer pest control

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Bed Bug In The News

Check out our team of bed bug experts on KSDK!

Tags: bed bug dogs  |  bed bug control  |  bed bug inspections

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Missouri Mosquitoes Can Pack An Extra Punch

Okay, so we live in the Show Me State. But do you really want to wait till you see someone you know gets sick with the Chikungunya or West Nile virus before you take action to protect yourself from mosquito bites? These stories from Fox2Now, and CBSNews are only a few of the many reports that have been done on the dangers of the West Nile virus. And there are others that talk specifically…

Tags: mosquitoes  |  Missouri Pest Control

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