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How To Keep Wildlife Off Your Property This Spring

Spring brings increasing hours of daylight, warming temperatures and unfortunately it also brings out many of St. Louis’ pests, including wildlife. You may be inviting these pests to your property in many ways you never even realized and having wildlife on your property can be a serious problem.

Tags: pest prevention tips  |  how to get rid of raccoons  |  wildlife control st. louis

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Why It's So Hard To Get Rid Of Ants

Spring has finally arrived, even though it is moving slowly and almost as if it is against its own will. Along with the arrival of spring, one hears the marching of a large army of ants. This is not just a few that accidentally stumbled onto your property but rather a massive army of untold thousands of ants invading your territory.

Tags: ants st. louis  |  ants in the kitchen  |  how to get rid of ants

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While They May Not Make Headlines, Bed Bugs Are Still Here

Only just a few years ago, bed bugs were in the news constantly. Hotels, schools and homes all across the country were suddenly having outbreaks of bed bug infestations and there were stories all over the news.

Tags: bed bugs  |  pest control tips  |  pest control st louis  |  bed bug control st louis

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