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Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean summer pests are gone

Summer may be over, but we are not done with summer pests.

Tags: black widow spiders  |  yellow jackets  |  jay everitt

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3 Tips To Keep Rodents Out

There are many things that can drive rodents into your home: A new construction site displacing them from a field next door, the approach of cold weather, flooding or heavy rains, and many more. There are also many things that can lure rodents onto your property. Some of these are not even within your control, like your neighbor's open trash cans. But we've compiled 3 things you can do to stop…

Tags: mice in st. louis  |  pest control in st. louis  |  mice prevention tips

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What Are Overwintering Pests?

Bugs and wild animals are wired to live in nature. No one has to teach the wolf spider that crickets are tasty. They just know. No one has to train birds to fly south for the winter or teach a mouse how to make a nest. They are born with a fixed pattern of behavior called instinct. Instinct tells them what places are suitable for them to live and what is needed to live in those places. Ants…

Tags: pest proofing  |  pest control in st. louis  |  overwintering pests

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