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Proactive Mouse Control Tips

Mice are not a pest you can live with. Throwing a few traps under the sink is only a band aid. It won't keep mice out of your house. And, it won't keep your family safe from the diseases and illnesses they spread. You need to get proactive. Here's what you need to know about detecting mice, what threats they pose, and how to protect your family.

Tags: get rid of mice  |  mice control  |  mice prevention tips  |  signs of mice

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Wildlife Exclusion Tips For St. Louis Homeowners

Wildlife can be a pain all year round, but when fall comes, and the temperature begins to drop, animals start to see your home as a nice warm cave to spend the winter in. This can be a problem, for more reasons than you might think. Here is a quick list of reasons you don't need wild animals living in or under your home.

Tags: pest proofing  |  pest exclusion  |  wildlife removal  |  Missouri wildlife

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How St. Louis Homes Are Preventing Stink Bugs

Are you familiar with the brown marmorated stink bug yet? Its speckled brown coloring and shield shape are quite distinctive. You'll find them crawling on your exterior walls, clinging to your screens, and creeping in your curtains when the air begins to chill. That is because these bugs, that normally plague farmers and their crops, know that burrowing into your home is their best chance of…

Tags: home pest control  |  pest prevention tips  |  stink bug prevention tips  |  get rid of stink bugs

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