Why You Should Consider A Career in Pest Control With Rottler

A career in pest control might be a field that you have never even considered, but thankfully this field is an excellent career path and provides you with a multitude of benefits that you might not be aware of!  In this article we'll be breaking down why the pest control industry is an excellent field to move into, and why working with Rottler is an excellent career choice.  As a leader in the pest control industry with over 15,000 residential and commercial customers, we know the pest control industry, and why more people should consider a career in pest.

No Requirements on Previous Education and Extremely Competitive Benefits:

Many career paths these days require years of expensive university or trade school degrees to even be considered for the job.  But, thankfully Rottler looks past these educational requirements and strictly looks at the character for the job! 

Being a pest control technician for Rottler, it is not uncommon to make $50,000+ per year!  Our technicians earn a very competitive salary along with unlimited sales commissions on upsells they make in the field.  They also receive company matched 401k, paid time off, the use of a company vehicle, medical insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and disability insurance!

Explore a Career With Rottler!

Stable Industry With Next To Zero Layoffs: 

Layoffs and furloughs are tough, especially in today's environment.  Thankfully, the pest control industry has been pretty much unaffected by the recent Covid-19 epidemic and has remained incredibly stable over the past 20 years.  This means you don't have to worry about the industry tanking and employees losing their jobs!

Every Day Is A New Exciting Challenge:

Being a pest control technician with Rottler means that every day is a new and exciting challenge.  You aren't going to be chained to an office desk, but you're going to be out and about in your community helping your neighbors eradicate the pest issues that have been plaguing their lives.  You'll be on the move, and making an active difference in your community!

Have The Freedom and Flexibility You Deserve:

Working in the pest control industry and working for Rottler Pest Solutions, you won't have a supervisor constantly looking over your shoulder.  You're given the freedom and flexibility that allows you to do your best work without feeling like you have someone breathing down your neck.  We trust our employees and we know they'll do high-quality work that everyone will be proud of!

You Should Consider a Career In Pest Control:

Not many applicants start out with a goal of working in the pest control industry, but when we start to explain the industry and the benefits of working for Rottler Pest Solutions, they very quickly realize that pest control is a very stable and lucrative career path to consider.  If you're looking for a new line of work, then contact Rottler Pest Solutions below!


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