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What Does it Mean to be a QualityPro Company?

Selecting a pest control company when unexpected issues surface can feel like added stress to an already challenging situation. With so many things to consider – timing of inspection and extermination, price of service, experience and certification, customer service and satisfaction – it’s easy to wonder if you’re making the right call. But seeking out a business that holds QualityPro accreditation is a good place to start.

QualityPro certification is administered by the Foundation for Professional Pest Management, an independent organization that’s led the development of good business practices and standards in the pest control industry for almost two decades. QualityPro approved education and training programs are designed with the goal of improving the customer experience and maintaining the highest quality pest control procedures. Endorsed by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), QualityPro certifies over 500 of the best pest control companies in the US and Canada. To ensure the integrity of the program is upheld and businesses have access to the latest advancements available, program resources and practices are continuously re-evaluated and augmented for refinement. All of this to say, when you choose a QualityPro-certified company, you can feel confident you are partnering with the best.

Because we place great emphasis on implementing cutting-edge strategies and employing and training the most knowledgeable and efficient technicians in the field, Rottler Pest Solutions has received QualityPro accreditation, which certifies our business practices and training methods meet a set of excellence standards that define top-level professionalism in pest management. The standards are based on four key principles relating to how companies do business in the following fields:

  • Business Operations
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Consumer Relations
  • Employee Education

As per our certification with QualityPro, it is required for all Rottler service and sales professionals to meet or exceed state licensing and testing requirements, either at the time of hire or within the first six months of joining our team. Passing the QualityPro examination proves knowledge of pest biology and management, as well as customer relations, safety, and professionalism. It is critical to our organization’s continued success and customer satisfaction scores that we take the time to ensure all Rottler staff has the qualifications and training necessary to implement the right solutions and accomplish meeting consumer needs.

In addition to following QualityPro guidelines and enacting approved protocols, it is a perquisite for all potential Rottler employees to complete a comprehensive job application prior to interviewing, which includes:

  • Drug screening
  • Motor vehicle records check
  • Background check
  • Reference checks

On top of acquiring QualityPro designation status, Rottler is the first company in Missouri to receive QualityPro Green designation from the NPMA. We’re proud to showcase this achievement as we strive to improve our services by providing our customers with the latest, most advanced, and environmentally-sensitive services available.

Home or business looking for a pest management partner that is nationally certified and recognized as one of the best in the field? Our dedicated team of licensed experts will design and deliver a comprehensive integrated pest management program that fits your custom needs and exceeds industry and state standards. Contact Rottler Pest Solutions for a free QA inspection or consultation!

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