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Professionally Designed And Implemented Lawn Care Programs 

Available in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri, Rottler's comprehensive lawn care programs are designed to stop lawn pests, disease and other conditions from ruining your yard.  Professionally designed and implemented by experienced lawn care technicians, our lawn care programs achieve results that speak for themselves.

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Rottler's Lawn Care Programs

Our St. Louis lawn care pros will design a program specifically for you based on the needs of your lawn. We won't just try to sell you the same program as your neighbor; we'll conduct a professional soil analysis to determine exactly the correct balance of nutrients that your lawn needs to thrive. This enables us to provide you with a customized home lawn care regimen that, along with proper watering and mowing practices on your part, can help produce optimal results and ultimately a healthier lawn

You can count on our technicians to always give your lawn the same level of personal service and attention that they would give their own. Whether your lawn needs a little help or a lot, we have a wide range of home lawn care programs to choose from to best meet your needs and your budget. 

zoysia care

Zoysia Care

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Platinum Care

Platinum Care

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weeds Weeds
grubs Grubs
insects Insects
fertilizer Fertilizer
crabgrass Crabgrass
aeration Aeration
winterization Winterization
overseeding Overseeding

What You Can Expect From Your Lawn Care Services

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Round 1  – Post-emergent weed control

Round 2  – Pre-emergent, Fertilizer and spot weed control

Round 3 – Spot weed control, grub control, and surface insect control

Round 4 – Pre-emergent, fertilizer and aeration

Round 5 – Fertilizer and spot weed control

platinum care lawn care badge


Round 1 – Fertilizer, pre-emergent, and spot weed control

Round 2 – Post-emergent (Blanket weed control)

Round 3 – Fertilizer and spot weed control

Round 4 – Spot weed control, grub control, and surface insect control

Round 5 – Fertilizer and spot weed control

Round 6 -  Fertilizer, heavy aeration and over-seeding

Round 7 – Winter fertilizer

Typically the first application is in March or April depending on the weather and type of lawn.  Depending on the program you choose, our lawn care team will visit your lawn several times between March and November, ensuring a healthy, attractive lawn. Zoysia and Bermuda lawn programs typically start in March, with other lawn programs beginning in April.

All services and applications are subject to change based on specific lawn needs and local weather patterns. Follow up service visits are included with our full season lawn care programs at no additional charge. Results may vary.

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More Than A lAwn Care Company

At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we take pride in helping property owners achieve healthy lawns, trees and shrubs.  But that's not all we do.  Since 1956, our family owned and operated company has been helping homeowners in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri by protecting them from bugs, rodents and wildlife.  Learn more about our service offerings.

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