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How Pest Control Insulation Works


Have you been up to your attic lately? Have you taken a look at your insulation? How's it looking? Is it starting to look compacted? Are you seeing gaps forming or sections that look like there is no insulation at all? If so, you should definitely get a professional to take a look. And, when we say a professional, we mean a pest control professional.

Pest Control Company Installing Insulation?

When it comes to increasing the thermal resistance of attic space, pest insulation is actually the best product to get the job done. Pest control insulation does an incredible job or resisting heat transfer and it comes with a pretty impressive list of benefits. And, since pest control insulation is technically a pest control product, it must be installed by a pest control professional.

How is Pest Control Insulation Installed?

Pest control insulation is a blown insulation that can be applied on top of your current insulation to create a better barrier. Since it is blown, it fills in the gaps and cracks and creates a complete layer that can be as much as a foot deep. It is installed through a slow, meticulous process of moving back and forth through the attic space, pouring out tiny fibers from a hose.

What Are the Benefits of Pest Control Insulation?

  • First of all, it saves you money. Heat rises. And, the better your attic barrier is, the more heat you're going to hold inside your home during those cold winter months. Heat isn't cheap. And keeping it inside is going to help your wallet. It will also keep the heat out on those hot summer days.

  • When you have less heat escaping, you're going to have more comfort in your home. Do you have areas of your home that are cold? If the heat isn't escaping through your roof, it will begin to fill those cold areas in and make it much more enjoyable to relax in places that used to be uncomfortable.

  • This insulation is flame retardant. If flames get into your attic spaces, they will have a harder time spreading to other areas of your home. And that might just give the fire department enough time to get to your home and save it.

  • This insulation is scientifically proven to resist mold and fungi. This can improve the air quality in your home, and protect your family from mysterious and prolonged illness.

  • Pest insulation is made with recycled materials. That means it is eco-friendly.

  • The biggest benefit of all is that pest insulation fights pests!

Pest Control Benefits of Insulation

The best part about having pest control insulation is the pest control benefits. And, this pest control happens in a unique and clever way. The fibers of pest control insulation have borates that kill pests over time. For animals that have a liver, the borates can be processed. But bugs don't have livers. So, these borates build up until it is fatal to those bugs. That means termites, silverfish, cockroaches, wasps and other harmful pests are not going to find safe haven in your attic spaces. And, though it isn't guaranteed to stop wildlife pests, like mice, rats, and squirrels, these creatures will not feel welcome in an attic that has pest control insulation--and they definitely will not want to make their nests out of it.

For humans, this insulation is considered least-toxic. It doesn't cause itching, burning, or skin irritation, like fiberglass insulation, and it takes quite a bit to cause physical discomfort from exposure. Humans don't lie in it or chew on it like rodents do. Plus, we're bigger than those tiny animals.

Adding pest control insulation to your home could be one of the smartest home upgrades you ever do. You'll save money on your energy bills in the cold winter and hot summer. You'll have an EPA-approved anti-fungal agent that naturally diffuses moisture. You'll have a flame resistant attic space. And eco-friendly pest control in one of the most pest-friendly locations in your home.

If you'd like more information about InCide® Attic Insulation (the pest insulation we install) or you want to schedule a visit with one of our certified InCide® Attic Insulation installers, drop us a line or give us a call. We look forward to helping you with your upgrade.

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