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DIY vs. Professional Brown Recluse Spider Control


There are many species of brown recluse spider. The species we see distributed throughout Missouri is Loxosceles recluse. It is a spider that is known for its dangerous venom. While bites from this spider do not always cause a disfiguring wound, the possibility of necrosis is a concern. And, since Loxosceles recluse is comfortable living inside man-made structures, this spider has become a serious pest control issue statewide.

When a brown recluse spider is spotted in a home, reactions are mixed. Some homeowners respond quickly and reach out to a pest control provider. Others simply shrug it off. The reason some people are not concerned about brown recluse spiders is that they are reclusive. They hide in locations that are less frequented and when they are approached, they will flee. This can give the impression that these spiders won't bother us if we don't bother them. The problem is, accidental encounters happen. In fact, they happen all the time. This is because we accidentally bring ourselves into contact with these spiders.

DIY brown recluse spider control is helpful for preventing contact. Here are some examples:

  • If you shake your shoes or boots out before you put them on, you can prevent trapping a brown recluse between your foot and the tip of the shoe.
  • If you check your bed before you get in, you can prevent close contact with a spider that would rather not share a bed with you.
  • If you keep clutter to a minimum, you will give these reclusive spiders less incentive to dwell closely with you.
  • If you reduce bugs in your common areas, brown recluse spiders will be less likely to come out of seclusion and get into locations where they may be a threat to you or your family.
  • When you keep things clean, such as making sure you put towels and clothing in the hamper instead of on the floor, you will be less likely to pick up an item that has a brown recluse in it.
  • Doing an inspection of your exterior walls and sealing gaps, cracks, and holes is a good idea but it won't arrest a spider problem inside your home. And sealing your walls isn't likely to keep more spiders from coming in. It is often necessary to use EPA-approved pest products around the perimeter of a structure to fully exclude spiders.

Where DIY brown recluse spider control fails:

  • There are many products that can kill brown recluse spiders but many of them are toxic to humans and pets. This has the result of trading one threat for another. It is never a good idea to spray insecticides to kill brown recluse spiders without proper training and experience.
  • There are many products that will capture brown recluse spiders, such as sticky traps. Can you catch spiders with sticky traps? Yes. But sticky traps and other devices that capture spiders are not a control method. They are more for the monitoring of spider activity.
  • Brown recluse get inside walls. DIY methods don't take this obstacle into consideration.
  • DIY brown recluse spider control usually addressed the "symptom" but not the "problem." These spiders don't just need to be exterminated. Efforts must be made to keep more brown recluse spiders from getting in. And, as mentioned above, sealing your exterior walls might be helpful, it isn't going to be enough on its own.

Professional Brown Recluse Spider Control

At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, our pest control technicians are trained in the most advanced methods for monitoring and eradicating brown recluse spiders. They use residual liquid insecticides in strategic locations brown recluse spiders are known to frequent. This brings them into contact with the product. This is done in a way that keeps these products from harming any humans or pets living in the home. They also address locations around a home that are conducive to brown recluse habitation. Spider reduction is key to spider control.

DIY spider control should never be trusted to protect a home from the threat of brown recluse spiders. If you live in Missouri, partner with Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions to keep brown recluse spiders and other harmful pests from threatening the health and safety of your family. Contact us today to schedule service.

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