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Where Do Bats Go During the Day?

In this age of television shows and movies, it is hard not to imagine bats hanging by the thousands in a giant cave. And, since there probably isn't a giant cave anywhere near your Missouri home, you might be wondering, "where do all those bats go during the day?" Well, we can start by putting to rest the giant cave theory. While it is possible for a bat to use a cave during the day, it is more likely that you'll find them in small, tight spaces like the cracks and crevices between rocks or up in trees. They are also likely to hide inside man-made structures. Here are a few of the places they may be, and what signs you can look for to determine if they're in there.

Behind Your Chimney

When a home settles, a gap will sometimes form between the chimney and the exterior wall. This tight gap is the perfect place for a bat to tuck itself away during the day. The hard chimney surface makes this hiding place feel like the crevice in a cliff. Look for dark smears on your siding, and guano (bat droppings) below.

Roofline And Soffits

A bat can fit through a considerably small hole. If they find a hole chewed by a rodent, they are likely to take advantage of it. This can bring them into your eaves, soffits, roof voids, and eventually your attic spaces. Look for tiny holes with black smudges around them, and the presence of guano below.

Attic Spaces

If you have bats in your attic spaces, they will be high and tucked away in rafters. Once again, it is the presence of guano that will help you locate these pests.

Vents And Gables

Any hole or opening is a potential access point for these creatures. When they get into these places, they will taint the opening with the oils from their bodies as they enter and exit.

Wall Voids

Sometimes bats find their way into wall voids. When they do, it is likely that you will hear them bumping and scraping as they go in and out of the home, especially at dusk.

Do You Have Bats?

If you have bats on your property, it is best to call a wildlife professional to have the creatures removed in a humane manner, in accordance with governmental regulations. Bats, like other wildlife, are protected by law.

If you are in our Missouri service area, let the wildlife division of Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions take care of that bat problem. We offer comprehensive services for nuisance wildlife that include inspection, removal, repair, exclusion, and cleanup. Reach out to us today for immediate help with your problem.

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