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What Are Those Tiny Red Bugs?

red clover mite in sand

Have you noticed tiny red bugs crawling around in, on or around your home? If you have, you’re probably wondering what in the world they are and if they are cause for concern. Clover mites are no bigger than the tip of a ballpoint pen and are usually seen inside a home on window sills, on windows themselves or on walls. Outside, they are often seen in the thousands on surfaces such as siding or brick walls.

Clover mites are one of those insects that are really an annoyance. They do not bite and don’t do any structural damage to your home. However, if they are crushed in the carpet, they can leave behind a stain.

While clover mites don’t pose any known risks, that doesn’t mean you want them crawling around or inside your home. There are some preventative things you can do around your home to try to keep this pest out.

  • Seal up any cracks, holes or other potential entry points

  • Reduce moisture around your home and your home’s foundation

  • Create a stone or gravel barrier 18-20” wide around your home

Another route to take when trying to keep these bugs out of your home is to contact St. Louis pest control professionals. With proper treatment methods, we can keep these bugs out of your home.

Once clover mites are in your home, it can be tough to get rid of them. This bug is known to invade a structure pretty quickly. They are often seen in groups of hundreds to thousands. Since clover mites can stain if you try to squish them, the best thing to do is to vacuum up as many as possible and then contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. They can help you get rid of clover mites and any other insects or rodents that might be pestering you.

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