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Signs Of Moles In Your Yard

mole hills

A lot of us work hard to keep our yard and our landscape looking a certain way. It takes a lot of effort to get the lawn mowed at just the right length, or the shrubs and the flowers looking just so. After all this work the last thing you want to wake up to is a yard full of holes, tunnels, and mounds of dirt.

Moles make their way into your yard looking for food. They eat insects, with their primary food source being earthworms. The downside to that is what they can do to your lawn and your landscaping in the process. Most people would choose other options when it comes to pest control than letting a mole tunnel around eating them up.

When it comes to your lawn pests, it can be helpful to know for sure what kind of critter is making the mess. There are some signs of moles in your yard that you can be on the lookout for. This way when you need pest control for moles you can be sure you’re calling about the right creature. Moles are pretty impressive as far as the amount of damage they can do and the time frame in which they can carry out their destructive habits.

Moles can dig up to 18’ an hour. They build burrows deep underground and then dig temporary tunnels off those. Seldom is the same tunnel used more than once. These surface tunnels can be a definite sign of moles in your yard. When moles are digging their tunnels they detach the roots of plants. This not only allows weeds the opportunity to root, but it can kill your lawn, plants, and trees. These surface tunnels leave your lawn looking lumpy and raised. Another sign of moles in your yard are molehills. While molehills are much less common than tunnels, they can still be found. They are usually less than 6 inches tall and are often shaped like a football or a volcano.

If you think you have a problem with moles on your property, you should contact a professional pest control company to help you take care of it. Attempting to get rid of moles on your own is not a task easily done. If this process sounds too complicated and dangerous to you, we strongly suggest you give the pros at Rottler a call today! Pest professionals, like those at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, know the safest, quickest and most effective ways to catch moles. While we are taking care of your mole problem we can also help you get your lawn back in shape so you’ll never even know moles were there!

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