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Mud Dauber Problems In Spring

mud dauber on flower

Mud daubers are a type of wasp that make their nests with mud. Many species of wasp are referred to as mud daubers, but they are called by other names as well - names such as dirt daubers, dirt diggers, dirt dobbers, dirt divers, potter wasps, or mud wasps. No matter what they are called, they can be quite scary looking and painful if you are unfortunate enough to get stung!

In spring, mud daubers can surface in many ways. Do any of these sound like something you're dealing with?

  • Are you finding ten to twenty mud daubers appearing in your master bedroom every day? Have you searched the attic and basement areas, but have no idea where they are coming from? Have you even tried covering vents and making the windows in your house air tight? These can be frustrating and mysterious pests to deal with.

  • Did you go outside to relax in the spring sun and sit down on a mud dauber? This happens a lot. While mud daubers are not an aggressive insect, they will sting when they come in contact with your skin or are threatened.

  • Did you go out to the shed to get the lawn mower, grip the handle, and get a sharp and painful sting? It is common for these insects to make their home in or under the eaves of sheds.

Mud daubers start to become active in spring and grow their populations all year long. Though they are not as dangerous or aggressive as a wasp such as a yellow jacket, these stinging insects can ruin your day if you come in contact with them.

It is also important to note that mud daubers, like other hornets, wasps, and bees, can be lethal to anyone with an allergy to their venom. If you are unsure whether you or anyone in your family has an allergy to mud dauber venom, getting stung is a horrible way to find out.

You can take care of this pest with do-it-yourself methods, but be aware that mud daubers nests can be hard to find and remove safely. It is better to call a professional to get those wasps taken care of. Not just because a professional pest controller knows how to find them, but because they can also take care of over 30 other household pests while they're at it.

Our team here at Rottler has the education and equipment to safely remove mud daubers and their nests. Get your home ready for spring with professional pest control from Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Starting the season off with zero pests is definitely the way to go.

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