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Mouse Droppings And Other Signs of A Mouse Problem

One of the first signs that you may notice if you have a mouse or two living in your home are the droppings.  While mouse droppings are generally concentrated at their breeding and nesting areas, unfortunately they will leave this type of evidence behind all over (and we mean all over) your house, from the attic to the kitchen and areas in between.  As mice forage for food during the night they will leave behind their droppings in your kitchen cabinets, drawers and behind appliances like your stove or refrigerator.  There will also be large amounts of feces where they spend time chewing on items in your home like cardboard boxes, books, pet food and insulation.  Mouse droppings basically look like black grains of rice and are about ¼ of an inch in length and they are tapered at one end.   

Besides their droppings, mice in St. Louis (and everywhere, for that matter!) provide other clues of their existence in your home.  For example, since mice are most active at night, you may hear scratching sounds in your walls or ceiling as they make their way through your home behind the walls.  See, you’re not going crazy; you really are hearing those noises!

Another indication of a mouse problem is finding nests in your basement, attic or even behind large appliances located in your kitchen.  The nests are often made of materials that they gather from your home like paper, pieces of clothing, insulation and carpet. 

Damage to the home and the contents within are a serious issue and another sign of a mouse problem.  The actual structure, electrical wires, pipes, drywall, insulation, clothing, books and various other belongings are likely to be chewed on and/or damaged by these constantly gnawing pests. 

You may also “smell” their presence, as they will leave behind a distinctive ammonia smell, especially in closed in areas like cabinets and drawers. 

If you’ve noticed mouse droppings, along with these other signs, you are in definite need of rodent control in St. Louis and fast.  For St. Louis pest control that targets mice (and other pests too), contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Our rodent exclusion program includes:

  • An inspection of the home to identify areas that are infested with rodents.

  • Identification of conditions around the home that would encourage rodent activity and recommendations on how to correct them.

  • Rodent exclusion work, which simply means to seal off entry and exit points.

  • Installation of traps and/or bait as needed.

Give us a call today for detailed information about how our trained technicians can quickly and efficiently eliminate your rodent infestation! 

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