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Are Brown Recluse Spiders Active During The Winter?

brown recluse

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the behavior of spiders in the winter. In the context of pest control, there is even more confusion. When it comes to assessing the threat of brown recluse spiders, it is best to remove all confusion. These spiders can inflict a bite with necrotic properties and are linked to many cases of disfigurement. While all bites from brown recluse spiders do not lead to necrosis, it is best to not have any of this type of spider in your home. Here is what you need to know about spiders in winter, in particular, brown recluse spiders.

There is a prevailing belief that spiders come into our homes in winter because it is cold outside. This is a half-truth. While the cold does send spiders inside, it isn't for the reason you might think. Those spiders don't come inside because they're cold. They come inside because our homes are where the food is. Spiders can survive in freezing cold temperatures because they have a natural antifreeze that protects them from freezing to death. They come into our homes because the food they eat is other bugs--bugs that don't have this antifreeze. Whether or not they "feel" cold and come inside due to discomfort is up for debate but all evidence leads to spiders choosing to be where they can find food. This is important to understand, especially as it relates to brown recluse spiders.

Why is this important to understand? You may be tempted to think that spiders hibernate in the winter but brown recluse won't hibernate if they're finding food. That means it is entirely possible to grab a box out of the attic and find a "fully awake" brown recluse spider inside it. It is also highly likely that brown recluse spiders will come into common areas because the bugs they eat will want to be where it is warm. So it is important to deal with a brown recluse infestation even if it is winter.

If you've noticed a brown recluse in your home, reach out to a professional for a detailed inspection. This is not a pest problem that should be allowed to go untreated. Brown recluse spiders can stay active in a home all winter long. And, if there is even a slight chance of a disfiguring spider bite, this is a threat that should be addressed.

For assistance with brown recluse spider infestations in Missouri, contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. We look forward to serving your home and your family with industry-leading pest control solutions.

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