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6 Signs That You Have Termites

termite damage on the roof of an old home

The NPMA estimates that termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year. That is a staggering figure and much of this damage goes undetected. Often, homeowners don't even realize they have termites until they begin to see the damage. Walls begin to bulge. Floors begin to sag. Doors begin to stick. And if you think you're safe because your house isn't made of wood, think again. Termites are able to get past metal and vinyl siding, plaster, and other exteriors. Once inside, they feed on floors, ceilings, cupboards, and furniture. This is the single greatest insect threat a homeowner can face. If you have not hired a professional to inspect your home, or routinely monitor your house for termite activity, you're taking a big risk. Here are three signs that could indicate termite activity:

6 Signs of Termite Infestation

  • Swarmers: Once a termite colony is established, periodically winged swarmers will be sent out to establish new nests. These insects are only visible for a brief half an hour or so before they mate, shed their wings, and disappear again.  
  • Shed wings: If a swarm has come and gone, you may see their shed wings on window sills, on foundation walls, on decks or patios, or perhaps caught in spider webs.  
  • Shelter tubes: Worker and soldier termites crawl up through the soil to the wooden parts of a structure. To protect themselves from the elements, they build mud tubes. These tubes may be visible on the outside of your foundation but, often, they are completely hidden underneath outdoor stairs, in crawl spaces, and even inside concrete piers.  
  • Damage outside: You may be able to spot termite damage on the outside of your home in a spot that never sees the sun and remains moist. The damage will look like your home was attacked by carving knives.  
  • Paint that buckles: Painted walls, floors or ceilings with buckling paint occur when termites burrow into the wood and push the paint up. There may also be small holes in the paint where termites have broken through to reach the wood.
  • Late-stage damage: If termites are allowed to consume the wood of your home for years or even decades, you will start to notice that doors and windows no longer work properly. They may open hard, or stick open or closed. And floors, ceilings, and walls may develop a noticeable slope or bulge.

How to Prevent Termites

Professional pest control companies can put monitoring devices around your perimeter, and check them routinely for termite activity. It isn't as expensive as you might think, and they'll be able to stop those termites before they can damage your home. They have the gear and the knowledge to check your walls for termites, and eradicate colonies, without a single drop of pesticides. Your pets will be safe. Your children will be safe. And your home will be safe. Look into termite protection before they turn your world upside down. This is not an insect you can wait to guard against. Learn more about termites today.

If you are seeing of these warning signs, contact Rottler Pest Solutions as soon as possible to have a free, no-obligation inspection completed.

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