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Why Professional Pest Management Matters For Your Business

Why Professional Pest Management Matters for Your Business?

What do professional pest management services offer your business? Consider the following.
Even though insects and rodents are small, the impact on your business’s bottom line can be large if a pest-related incident takes place. The repercussions could include:

  • Fines from state and federal inspection agencies
  • Poor or failed second- and third-party audits
  • Lost sales revenue, or an inability to sell products to suppliers and distributors 
  • Unbudgeted expenses to remediate the problem
  • Costly product recalls
  • Damage to your brand with current and prospective clients and consumers

Additionally, pests such as cockroaches, flies, invasive birds and rodents can introduce harmful bacteria into your facility. The bacteria can taint ingredients and finished products and lead to food-borne illnesses such a Salmonella, E. coli and listeria that pose a serious health risk to employees, vendors and customers.

The bottom line is preventing pest issues in your business is essential. Businesses, especially those engaged in food processing, distribution and service, healthcare, pharmaceutical or education, have  zero-tolerance when it comes to pests.

Customers will not shop, eat or stay in a commercial establishment that has pests. With cameras in every mobile device, capturing a video of a mouse in a restaurant or bed bug on a hotel room mattress and having it go viral on social media represents a real threat to business owners and managers.

Commercial Pest Control Isn't A One Time Fix:

The potential for pest infestations in commercial facilities is constant. Why is this? Commercial facilities possess numerous conducive conditions that attract and allow pests to thrive.  

Pests can be introduced to a facility in shipments of unprocessed food materials or pallets of packaged goods. They can also gain access due to structural, maintenance and sanitation deficiencies, such as:

  • Rodents in a grocery store may be the result of structural deficiencies including door sweeps not being installed on exterior doors, or entry doors being left open. 
  • German cockroaches in a commercial kitchen can indicate poor sanitation protocols that overlook regular drain cleaning or fixing a broken drainage pipe in a crawlspace.
  • The droppings and nesting materials from invasive birds at a food distribution warehouse can contaminate food, pallets and packaging materials, food preparation and additional hard surfaces in a facility and result in food-borne illnesses including listeria, salmonella and E. coli.

An experienced pest management partner – such as Rottler Pest Solutions – provides not only proven technical knowledge and the highest level of client service, but peace of mind that your facility, employees, customers and products are protected from pests.

Rottler is a Quality Pro accredited company. The accreditation, offered through the National Pest Management Association, ensures clients they are partnering with a company that deploys the latest cutting-edge technology to prevent and eliminate pests. It also means Rottler is committed to delivering those services in the safest, most environmentally responsible manner and employing service professionals who have gone through extensive training and education.

Finally, it is important to remember that partnering with a pest management professional is truly a partnership. Both parties share a responsibility for successfully designing and executing an effective pest management program.

Setting expectations and determining what elements a client is responsible for (i.e., sanitation, deep cleaning food processing equipment, exclusion practices such as screen repairs, caulking, installing door sweeps, etc.) vs. the responsibilities of the pest management professional is critical. It not only impacts what is invested in the program monetarily, but how effective a program will perform.

Get Professional Commercial Pest Relief!!

If your business is looking for a pest management partner that goes the extra mile to design and deliver comprehensive IPM-based pest management programs, call Rottler Pest Solutions at 636-249-1601 for a free inspection, consultation or training for your staff.