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When it comes to servicing your home, we understand you want pest control that works with your schedule. Along with our superior level of service and the most advanced procedures and products, we also offer same-day services, evening servicing, and 24-hour phone lines.

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Pest Control in Webb City

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Pest Control in Webb City, MO

Infestations are a nuisance and a health hazard for homes and businesses alike. If you are located in Webb City, Missouri, and are dealing with a pest problem, you need a reliable pest control company to help you eliminate these unwanted guests. Choosing the right pest control company can be overwhelming with so many options available. Luckily, you have Rottler Pest Control here to help!

Rottler is a trusted and reliable pest control service provider that has been serving Missouri for over six decades. With a focus on providing environmentally-friendly solutions, we are committed to providing effective pest control services while minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. If you live in Webb City, Missouri, Rottler Pest Control is here to help with any and all of your pest control needs. You can trust our dedicated team of professionals and wide range of services to keep your home or business pest-free.

Our experts in Webb City protect you from the following:

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Eco-Friendly & Organic Pest Control

Here at Rottler, we believe pest control shouldn’t compromise your health or the environment. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities, which is why we offer reduced-risk, comprehensive pest control services that have earned us the Quality Pro GreenPro certification. We use integrated pest control methods that rely on various strategies, not just harsh chemicals and pesticides. In fact, many of the treatments we use are not even classified as pesticides and are technically food and beverage safe. Our eco-friendly and organic pest control products are just as effective as traditional methods while offering extra protection for your family and pets. With Rottler Pest Solutions, you can have a pest-free home in Webb City without worrying about harmful chemicals or their potential long-term effects.


Rodent Control in Webb City

It can be easy to overlook the threat rodents pose to your home and family when they invade your wall voids, basement, or attic. These pests are not just a nuisance, though. They can cause extensive damage by gnawing through insulation, pipes, and even electrical wires, posing a significant fire hazard. Moreover, rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels can carry and transmit dangerous diseases to us humans.

At Rottler Pest Solutions, we understand the danger rodents pose and are committed to helping you protect your home. Our rodent exclusion services employ advanced integrated pest management techniques, technologies, and materials to ensure that rodents do not make your Webb City home their own.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to address a rodent infestation. Contact our trusted experts today and learn how we can help you stop rodents from damaging your property. With our comprehensive rodent control services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and protected.


Bed Bug Treatment in Webb City

Bed bugs are a common pest that can be found in homes, hotels, and even public transportation. Once they invade your space, they can be challenging to eliminate without professional help. At Rottler Pest Control, we understand the stress and discomfort that bed bugs can cause. So, to keep you and your family out of harm’s way, we offer bed bug treatment in here in Webb City.

Guaranteed Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatments

We understand the importance of finding a bed bug treatment that doesn’t jeopardize your family’s health. That’s why at Rottler, we’re proud to offer eco-friendly bed bug treatments. Our team of experienced technicians uses non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products and methods to eliminate bed bug infestations in your home or business. We believe that protecting the environment and providing exceptional pest control services can go hand in hand. That’s why we are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly methods in all of our Webb City services, including bed bug treatments.

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Rottler Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand the value of your time and money, which is why our professional staff is dedicated to making the pest control process as hassle-free as possible. From inspection to elimination, we strive to provide the best customer experience possible.

At Rottler Pest Solutions, we are committed to serving you by offering:

  • Same-day and evening services for convenient scheduling.
  • Flexible payment options, including online payment.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means we will make it right or refund your money.
  • No contracts are required for any of our services, and all our quotes are free

With our dedication to customer satisfaction and convenient services, you can trust Rottler Pest Solutions to take care of all your pest control needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve a pest-free home or business.

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