eastern mole


The Eastern mole has their highest populations throughout the Eastern United States. Moles are insectivores and feed on a variety of food including earthworms, ants, beetle grubs and other insects found underneath the ground. Moles live almost their entire life underground. The tunnels that they create can cause significant damages to lawns, fields, golf courses, and other pieces of land.


Eastern moles have short stocky bodies, a short bare tail, and front feet that are large and rounded with strong claws for digging. Their velvety fur is a brownish black color. Eastern moles have a round head and a pointed snout, very small eyes with no external opening and no external ears. Adults grow to be 6-7 inches in length.

Biology & Habits

Eastern moles generally have one litter of young in the early spring months of March or April. They give birth to 2-5 young at a time.

These moles live in underground tunnels that they either create themselves or in tunnels that have been abandoned by different ground dwelling species. They have two different types of tunnels, some that are just under the surface of the ground that are used to hunt and gather food in, and deeper tunnels that are used to live and burrow in. It is important to remember that moles are active year round both day and night.


Eastern Moles live almost their entire life underground and their digging and tunneling can cause significant and costly damages to lawn, fields, golf courses, parks, cemeteries, flower beds and gardens.

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Prevention And Control

Eastern moles live, feed and breed outdoors underneath the ground so preventing them can be frustrating and difficult. The most effective way to prevent and control Eastern Moles is with the help of a professional pest control company. The professionals at Rotter can help determine where active mole tunnels are located on your property and humanely trap and remove them from your lawn. Learn more about our mole control.



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