Nuisance Wildlife

Wildlife problems begin to surface in Missouri when the weather cools, as wild creatures prepare to find shelter and food sources for the winter.

Unfortunately, many wildlife seek refuge in residential homes, outbuildings, and businesses. Common wildlife creatures found in Missouri are squirrels, chipmunks, moles, skunks, raccoons, and bats. These animals are usually drawn to water and food sources as well as clutter, which provides a place of harborage. Most wildlife are able to enter homes through cracks in the foundation and exterior walls. Wildlife can wreak havoc on the interior and exterior of a property. Squirrels and moles damage gardens and lawns, skunks and raccoons invade trash cans and even raid your pantry, and bats take up residence inside wall voids. To ensure wildlife stays out of your home, routinely checking the foundation and exterior walls for cracks and holes is a good way to get rid of any potential entry points for the persistent invaders.

Types of Nuisance Wildlife