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Providing Pest Control In Sunset Hills Since 1956

To protect your Sunset Hills home or business and the people and property found inside from potentially dangerous, damaging, and/or disease spreading pests, you want help from the best. In Sunset Hills the best pest protection that is offered comes from the experts found at Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions. We are a family-owned and operated company that has a deep commitment to providing a combination of exceptional customer service and environmentally proven pest control technologies. This combination, delivered by our dedicated professionals works to completely solve our Sunset Hills customer’s pest problems- we guarantee it! To learn more about our effective, guaranteed pest control services for your Sunset Hills residential or commercial property, give us a call today!


Services Offered In Sunset Hills




Residential Pest Control In Sunset Hills, MO

To protect your Missouri home from pests trust Rottler’s Signature Pest Protection program. This program provides ongoing pest management to protect your home and family from common household invading pests. We begin with our initial service visit and provide follow-up visits every other month to maintain a pest-free environment in your home. At Rottler we focus on the exterior of your home in order to stop pests before they have the chance to get inside of your Sunset Hills home. In addition to the complete elimination of pest problems, additional benefits to choosing our Signature Pest Protection program include:

  • Interior treatment, if ever needed, may be provided at your request, anytime, at no additional charge.
  • The program is 100% guaranteed and services are fully guaranteed between visits.
  • Visits are scheduled around your schedule and you will always know well ahead of time when we will be arriving.
  • We offer FastPay automatic payments, e-statements and online account management for your convenience.

Contact us today to learn more about protecting your home year-round from pests through the Signature Pest Protection program or to schedule a free inspection of your Sunset Hills home!



Brown Recluse Prevention Tips For Sunset Hills, MO Residents

Living in Sunset Hills unfortunately means that with the good, comes some bad; the bad in this case, is living in an area where brown recluse spiders are also found living. Brown recluse spiders are a venomous species of spider that have the potential to cause people and their pets physical harm. The brown recluse spider’s venom is strong enough to cause serious health consequences including ulcerated skin that is prone to infection around the bite site. The wound that a brown recluse spider bites causes is typically very slow to heal and can create a large scar. The best way to protect your family from these dangerous spiders is to partner with the spider control experts found at Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions and to make some changes around your home and property.

Brown recluse spiders like to hide in piles of wood, grass, sticks, leaves, and building materials, remove these things from you property to make is less attractive to brown recluse spiders. Brown recluse spiders also like to live and hunt for food in outbuildings including garages, sheds, and barns; keep the doors to outbuildings closed when they are not being used to help keep brown recluse spiders out. To keep these spiders out of your home inspect window and door screens, making sure that they are completely intact, replacing any that are not; and make sure that weather stripping found around windows and doors is intact and that door sweeps have been installed on all exterior doors. If you ever discover brown recluse spiders on your property, immediately contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Our experts know how to handle these potentially dangerous spiders and can complete the services needed to get rid of them from your home and property. Give us a call to learn more about brown recluse spiders.



Commercial Pest Control in Sunset Hills, MO

There is no doubt that pest control for your Sunset Hills commercial property is near the top of your to-do-list. To help make your to-do-list a little shorter, and to take some stress off of your shoulders, leave your facility’s pest control needs up to the professionals at Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions. We offer a wide variety of highly effective, guaranteed services to control pests in and around your Sunset Hills commercial facilities. Commercial pest control options that we offer at Rottler include:

  • Inspections
  • Treatments
  • Insect management
  • Wildlife control
  • Rodent management
  • Bird control
  • Pheromone monitoring
  • Green & organic service
  • Fumigations

At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions we provide exceptional protection for commercial properties by utilizing the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM works to effectively solve any pest problem, preventing pests through a combination of biological control, habitat modification, exclusion, sanitization, and education. Contact us today to get started protecting your Sunset Hills facility with the help of the commercial pest control experts at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions.


Learn How to Identify Bed Bug Infestations in Sunset Hills, MO

The best way to protect yourself and your Sunset Hills property from blood-feeding bed bugs is by being proactive and scheduling regular bed bug inspections. At Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions we use our highly trained and very accurate K-9 bed bug inspectors to help locate bed bugs in any size property. If an infestation is found, our experienced technicians are able to effectively treat the bed bugs living inside of your home with heat remediation. Heat remediation is an extremely effective, eco-friendly, and targeted way to eliminate a bed bug infestation. The fact of the matter is that no stage of bed bug- adult, eggs, or nymph, can survive high heat. In addition to scheduling regular bed bug inspections from Rottler, learning how to identify a bed bug infestation can help to protect your home from being invaded by large numbers of bed bugs. Signs of a bed bug infestation can include:

  • Finding dark red blood stains on linens, mattresses, and box springs.
  • Finding feces (dried blood) on mattresses, pillowcases, and linens.
  • Seeing piles of the bed bugs' shed skins under mattresses or along the floor. 
  • Noticing a musty sweet smell in the air of your home.

If you ever notice any of the above signs of bed bugs in your home, immediately contact the bed bug control experts at Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions. We will quickly provide you with the services needed to completely remove these pests from your Sunset Hills property.


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