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When it comes to servicing your home, we understand you want pest control that works with your schedule. Along with our superior level of service and the most advanced procedures and products, we also offer same-day services, Saturday servicing, and 24-hour phone lines.

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Pest Control in Springfield

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Pest Control in Springfield

Our company stems from humble beginnings where a man with a dream has created a top-notch pest control company that has received some of the most prestigious national awards for pest management. We are QualityPro Certified from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), and we are the very first pest control company in Missouri to be designated as QualityPro Green certified. Both of these designations speak of our ongoing efforts to meet or exceed national quality standards in business operations, consumer protection, testing, and training, as well as environmental stewardship. We take pride in our Rottler family and all of our continued efforts and success to be the best in our industry.

What You Can Expect From Our Springfield Exterminators

Our pest exterminators in Springfield are highly-trained, certified to handle whatever pest your home is currently dealing with. Whether you have roaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, or anything else, our team will take care of it! Our pest control services include:

  • A thorough pest inspection of your home to develop a custom treatment plan
  • Interior and exterior pest treatments to rid your home of pests and keep them out
  • Refilling bait stations and removing spiderwebs and eggs

If your home is battling pests, we will do whatever it takes to get rid of them!


Rodent Control in Springfield MO

Just like almost every other place on this planet, Springfield must deal with nuisance and damaging rodents. Rats and mice aren’t just unsightly, they bring with them a host of problems. Their need to chew can be damaging to your Springfield property and present a fire hazard if they chew through electrical wires. They can also move harmful bacteria from dumpsters and sewer pipes to sensitive food prep areas in your home or business. The CDC directly connects rodents to the spread of many different diseases including Hantavirus. These disease carriers can also poison food and carry parasites, like lice, mites, ticks and fleas into man-made structures and that’s why you need to trust the professionals with rodent control in Springfield.

Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

Rodents in Springfield know how to avoid detection. You’ll usually find a hole long before you see the actual culprit. Here are a few other signs to watch for:

  • Droppings in the backs of drawers and cabinets. Moist dark droppings indicate an active rodent infestation. Dry grayish droppings are evidence of old activity.
  • Wet spots or the smell of urine. Rodent urine can be quite strong.
  • Chew holes in food packaging or boxes in the attic.
  • Footprints on dusty or powdered food shelves.
  • Thumping in the walls after dark.
  • Nesting material gathered together in an attic space.

If you discover evidence of rodents, contact Rottler right away for our rodent treatments in Springfield. These are not pests that can be controlled with a few traps set here and there. With so many health-related dangers, it is essential to get rid of all rodents and all entry points have been dealt with. Keep your family and business safe with help from the rodent control exterminators in Springfield here at Rottler.


Bed Bug Treatments in Springfield MO

Bed bugs can sneak into your home without you even noticing. They can easily slip into your luggage, grab ahold of your coat, or crawl into your backpack and hitchhike home with you. A handful of bed bugs can also quickly turn into a full-blown bed bug infestation, making sleep almost impossible. That’s why it’s important to act fast and seek out professional bed bug treatment in Springfield.

We know how frustrating bed bugs can be, which is why our bed bug services can kick them out in as little as four hours! Our options for bed bug treatments in Springfield include:

  • Liquid applications: A more traditional bed bug treatment that eliminates bed bugs on contact.
  • Fumigation: This option quickly and reliably kills larger bed bug infestations.
  • K-9 inspections: Our NESDCA trained dogs can sniff out bed bugs in any part of your home.
  • Mattress encasements: These gapless encasements prevent future bed bugs from taking over your mattress.

While DIY bed bug treatments may be tempting, it’s best to leave the bed bug control to the experts. DIY options only eliminate the bed bugs you can see, skipping over the ones that are hiding in the nooks and crannies throughout your home. The bed bugs that survive treatment often spread to other rooms, searching for a new safe place where they won’t be disturbed. Rather than make things worse, trust Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions to get things done right the first time. Call us today to learn more!


Termite Treatments in Springfield MO

Termites are a big threat to homeowners; they’re small, difficult to detect, and capable of causing serious damage to your home. In fact, termites cause over $5 billion in damage to homes across the US every year. While that might seem daunting, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions makes protecting your home easy with our reliable termite treatment in Springfield.

To combat termites, our termite treatment in Springfield utilizes the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, which has been proven to provide fast termite control. This advanced system works by:

  • ​Attracting termites to the bait stations.
  • Distributing the bait throughout the colony.
  • Preventing termites from molting and maturing, eliminating the entire colony.
  • Monitoring your property for signs of these pests to prevent future termite infestations.

Not only do we make your home termite-free, but we also offer a one-year termite damage warranty covering up to $250,000. When you choose us for your termite treatment in Springfield, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest caliber of service possible. Get started with a free termite inspection today!


Mosquito Control in Springfield MO

No one can crash a party quite like mosquitoes can. Not only do they leave behind annoying bites, but mosquitoes can also put you and your loved ones at risk for diseases like the West Nile virus, yellow fever, and malaria. If these bloodsuckers are forcing you to stay inside, it’s time to fight back with our mosquito control in Springfield.

Our mosquito control in Springfield is here to help you take back your yard, letting you enjoy your time outside. When you choose Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we will:

  • Perform a free mosquito inspection of your property to identify mosquito breeding grounds and hiding spots.
  • Apply a residual mosquito treatment on areas like trees, shrubs, and shaded areas to target mature mosquitoes.
  • Treat mosquito breeding areas with a product designed to eliminate mosquito larvae, preventing future mosquitoes from overwhelming your yard.
  • Return monthly to inspect and re-treat as necessary, ensuring mosquitoes stay away.

If you’re searching for a long term mosquito control solution, we also offer an automatic mosquito misting system. This option involves strategically placing nozzles around your property that routinely dispense a pyrethrum-based insecticide. Pyrethrum is a natural insect repellent that’s derived from chrysanthemum flowers, so it’s tough on mosquitoes, not your family. Contact us today to learn more about what our mosquito control treatments in Springfield can do for you!


Serving Springfield & Mid-Missouri For 60 Years

When those of us fortunate enough to call Springfield, Missouri home think about our city many of us think ‘family’. Unfortunately bugs, rodents and wildlife often try to rob Springfield property owners of their food, shelter and serenity by infesting homes and businesses. That’s where our family-owned and operated pest control company can help.  We’ve been protecting people, property, and products in Mid-Missouri since our founding in 1956.  If you’re dealing with pests in your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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