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When it comes to servicing your home, we understand you want pest control that works with your schedule. Along with our superior level of service and the most advanced procedures and products, we also offer same-day services, Saturday servicing, and 24-hour phone lines.

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Pest Control in Mehlville

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Pest Control in Mehlville

Our advanced techniques and qualified Mehlville technicians will kick pests to the curb and ensure they stay away from your home.


Mehlville’s Pest Control Solution

Mehlville, Missouri is a large, bustling suburb of St. Louis that offers its residents a little bit of everything, including diverse neighborhoods, a wide variety of economic opportunities, good schools, and many community-minded organizations. Unfortunately, Mehlville, like almost anywhere, is not just home to great people, but to insects, rodents, and many other types of pests as well.

Pests that are not just an annoyance, but that have the potential to be damaging and dangerous to both people and property. To help protect your home, family and/or business from pests turn to the pest professionals found at Rottler Pest Solutions, a local St. Louis company that is family owned and operated. From exceptional general pest control to targeted solutions, Rottler has what Mehlville residents need to keep their properties free of Missouri pests.

Residential Pest Control in Mehlville, MO

To protect your home and family from Missouri pests, the professionals at Rottler have developed the Signature Protection program, a combination of techniques and technology that provides the ongoing services needed to protect your Mehlville property. Applied to your property, Signature Protection guards against a wide variety of pests including rodents, crawling insects, stinging insects, and damaging insects. Benefits of choosing Rottler Pest Solutions for your residential pest control needs include:

  • Pest control services that are fully warrantied in-between visits.
  • Set scheduling for service visits.
  • FastPay automatic payments, e-statements, and online account management.
  • A full-time, certified entomologist on staff.
  • A variety of residential services in addition to our Signature Pest Protection program, including termite control, rodent exclusion, wildlife management, bird control, and attic insulation.

To learn more about protecting your Mehlville home from common Missouri household pests, or to schedule a free inspection, get in touch with the pest control experts found at Rottler Pest Solutions today.


Tips to Prevent Carpenter Bee Damage in Mehlville, MO

Despite their name, carpenter bees do not help to build structures, in fact, they do quite the opposite. Carpenter bees look very similar to bumblebees, with the most noticeable difference between the two is the fact that carpenter bees have a furless, shiny abdomen. Carpenter bees are solitary creatures, with each female creating their own nest to lay their eggs in, however, females often choose the same area or piece of wood to create their nests in – increasing the number of structural damages that they can cause. Also, woodpeckers increase the damages that the bees initially cause by pecking at the opening of their nest in order to feed on the bee larvae. It is also important to know that carpenter bees prefer to invade older pieces of softwood that are not painted, stained, or treated in any manner.

To prevent these damaging pests from creating their nests on your home or other structures on your property we want to provide you with 3 easy to execute prevention tips:

  • Paint or stain eaves, trim, or wooden shingles found on your home. Similarly, make sure that wooden structures located on your property are painted or stained.
  • When building structures on your property, try to use hardwoods instead of softwoods.
  • Cover the ends of deck boards or railings with metal flashing.

To get rid of carpenter bees that have chosen your property to nest on, turn to the pest control experts found at Rottler Pest Solutions. We have the technology and know-how needed to eliminate these pests and to keep them from returning.


Commercial Pest Control Services in Mehlville, MO

Exceptional customer service, advanced pest control techniques, highly trained and licensed technicians, industry-specific pest management plans, guaranteed results, an on-site Certified Quality Control Sanitarian, green and organic options, and a complete dedication to you and your business are just some of the many reasons why you should choose Rottler Pest Solutions for your Mehlville business’ commercial pest control needs. At Rottler we utilize Integrated Pest Management methodology to successfully eliminate and control insects, rodents, stored product pests, and bird populations in and around your Mehlville business. Listed below are just a small sampling of the many commercial pest control services that we specialize in:

  • Consultation Pest Proofing
  • Pheromone Monitoring
  • Product and Equipment Sales
  • Product Pest Contamination
  • Termite Inspections and Treatment
  • Insect Light Traps and Maintenance
  • And more!


Bed Bug Treatment in Mehlville

Many people are under the assumption that bed bugs are elusive, hard to detect pests. And while there is some truth to this – their flat oval-shaped bodies allow them to hide easily out of sight – if you know what signs bed bugs leave behind you can easily identify an infestation and get the professional help that is needed to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

If bed bugs have taken up residence inside of your Mehlville home you may start to notice:

  • Bloodstains on linens
  • Stains on mattresses
  • Stains on box springs
  • Damage to floors  floors
  • And stains on walls

Bed bugs are messy feeders and as they eat they often drip blood, also if they become squished they will leave behind a bloodstain. Also, finding black streaks (bed bug excrement) on bedding, mattresses, box springs, in drawers, and in closets can indicate a bed bug infestation. Another way that homeowners have discovered an infestation is by noticing a musty smell in the air of their home. If you notice any of the above signs or you just would like the peace of mind to know whether these parasitic pests are present in your home or not, contact Rottler Pest Solutions.

We can provide accurate K-9 inspections to quickly eliminate bed bugs from any Mehlville home. Give us a call to learn more about our Missouri bed bug solutions!


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