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When it comes to servicing your home, we understand you want pest control that works with your schedule. Along with our superior level of service and the most advanced procedures and products, we also offer same-day services, Saturday servicing, and 24-hour phone lines.

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Pest Control in Dardenne Prairie

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Pest Control in Dardenne Prairie

If pests have shown up in your home and you don’t know how to effectively get them out for good, don’t worry! Here at Rottler Pest Solutions, we specialize in efficiently removing pests from your home to leave you stress-free and pest-free.


Pest Control in Dardenne Prairie

Dardenne Prairie, Missouri is found in the heart of St. Charles County’s Golden Triangle which is an area of rapid growth and development found in the Midwest. This community minded city offers its residents affordable housing, economic development, and growth; in fact, the cities motto is “Room to Grow”. What all residents agree that shouldn’t be growing in Dardenne Prairie is its pest populations, and with the help of the professionals here at Rottler Pest Solutions, they won’t be. Our highly effective pest control solutions work to successfully eliminate and prevent problems with Missouri pests like mosquitoes, mice, roaches, spiders, and more! Contact us today to learn about the many solutions that Rottler has to pest problems found in your Dardenne Prairie home or business, by working together we can protect your property from the pests that also, unfortunately, call Dardenne Prairie home!

The Most Extensive Services in the Market

To protect your Dardenne Prairie home from pests like ants, spiders, roaches, flies, mice, centipedes, lady beetles, silverfish and more all year long choose the Signature Pest Protection program. This all-inclusive service provides the protection your home needs to ensure it is being continuously guarded against pests. The program starts out with one of our trained and licensed Dardenne Prairie exterminators coming to your home and performing an initial service visit. Then every other month we return to your home providing treatments that focus on the exterior of your home to stop pests before they have the chance to get inside.

Our initial service visit includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your home’s structure.
  • Notes are taken of visible pest activity and the conditions that are attracting pests to your property.
  • Glue monitors are placed around the inside of your home.
  • Pipe chases and accessible attic spaces are dusted.
  • Spider webs and eggs are removed.
  • A perimeter treatment and full interior treatment is performed.

Our follow-up visits include:

  • The removal of spider webs and eggs.
  • The completion of a perimeter barrier treatment around your house.
  • Treatment of pest entry points.
  • The refilling of bait stations.
  • Inspecting outbuildings, treating as needed.
  • Interior treatments that are performed on an as needed basis, at no additional charge to you.

Contact Rottler Pest Solutions to get started protecting your Dardenne Prairie home from pests today!


Mosquito Solutions in Dardenne Prairie, MO

Mosquitoes are not only extremely annoying – who wants to spend their summer, swatting away biting flies, or worse being covered in red itchy welts? Mosquitoes are also very dangerous because of serious diseases that they carry and spread. At Rottler Pest Solutions we can help to control mosquito numbers on Dardenne Prairie properties through our effective, monthly mosquito control service visits. During mosquito season our professional and certified exterminators will visit your property monthly and complete the following list to reduce mosquito populations on your property:

  • A full inspection of the exterior of your property will be completed to discover where mosquitoes are breeding and resting.
  • Breeding areas will be treated with a product to control the development of mosquito larvae.
  • A residual treatment will be applied to control resting adults.

To learn more about the above mosquito service, our automatic mosquito misting system, or to schedule your FREE inspection, give us a call today!


Commercial Pest Control in Dardenne Prairie

While insects and rodents can certainly cause a lot of physical damage to your commercial facility, that isn’t the only danger they pose. A huge concern with pests is that a customer just seeing one small pest in your facility can negatively affect the reputation of your Dardenne Prairie business. At Rottler Pest Solutions we want to help you protect not only the physical aspects of your business but its reputation as well. We offer exceptional protection against pests in commercial properties by designing a commercial pest control solution that is going to be specific to your industry and specific business. We also follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to effectively solve any pest problem, using the smallest amount of insecticide possible, this helps minimize the risks to people and the environment. IPM works so well because it focuses on the prevention of pests through a combination of biological control, habitat modification, exclusion, sanitization, and education!

Commercial Pest Control services that we can provide to Dardenne Prairie businesses include:

  • General Pest Control & Prevention
  • National Coverage
  • Bird Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Termite Control
  • Wildlife Management


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The team at Rottler Pest Solutions are the local experts in all things pest and lawn related. We know what issues are most likely to plague your home and have crafted custom services to address those needs. Check out our services and find the right solution for your pest control needs!

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