Mosquito Control

You Don't Have To Let The Mosquitoes Bite

Not only are mosquitoes annoying, they can disrupt activities and operations and expose people to disease including West Nile Virus and Encephalitis.  And, while there are many “over the counter” measures available to help minimize contact with mosquitoes, our mosquito control services are designed to effectively reduce mosquito activity so that property owners and managers in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Mid-Missouri can focus on an enjoyable outdoor experience for their families and patrons.  


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Our Treatments Take A Bite Out Of Mosquito Activity

Don’t let mosquito bites drive you indoors.  When you contact Rottler for effective mosquito control in St. Louis, Kansas City, or elsewhere in Mid-Missouri, we’ll complete a full inspection of the exterior of your property to locate areas where mosquitoes love to breed – basically anywhere there’s standing water.  Bird baths and clogged gutters are among the most common breeding spots we encounter. 

Once we’ve assessed the mosquito problem, our trained mosquito control technicians will get to work treating breeding areas with professional products specifically designed to control mosquito larvae for extended periods of time.   To control mature biting mosquitoes, we’ll also apply a residual treatment around your property including any area(s) that are likely to harbor mosquitoes during the daytime.  Trees, shrubs and shaded areas like under eaves and overhangs are likely hiding spots for mosquitoes trying to avoid the hot sun.  Your technician will also advise you on how to eliminate conditions that promote mosquito breeding and will return every month during mosquito season to inspect and re-treat as necessary, ensuring the mosquito population around your home or business is controlled. 

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Another very effective option in the fight against these biting pests is our mosquito misting system. This is an automatic mosquito misting system that sprays a Pyrethrum based insecticide through strategically placed nozzles on your property. Pyrethrum is a water based, bio-degradable substance obtained from the Chrysanthemum flower. The mister system can be set to automatically administer insecticide at predetermined times when mosquitoes are most active or you can choose a remote control device that will allow you to activate the system to spray whenever you need it to.

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Great For Fleas & Ticks Too

Along with mosquito control, our Signature Plus program is an effective measure against fleas and ticks in the yard! Just like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks have the ability to carry and transmit potentially dangerous diseases to both your family and pets. With ongoing services, your family, home, and yard will be protected from pests year-round.

With this program, we will treat harborage areas in the yard and provide simple do-it-yourself tips to help you prevent fleas and ticks on your own. We will also treat your home for indoor pests such as ants and spiders.

This is a great option prior to any outdoor event.  Don’t let mosquitoes, fleas and ticks drive you indoors. Call us today to schedule your free inspection.

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Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions provides mosquito control services in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Mid-Missouri that are designed for both homes and businesses.  If you're ready to take back your yard, we are here to help!  For more information or to schedule a FREE inspection and get an estimate for mosquito control services, contact us or call toll free 888-966-8919.

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Mosquito Prevention Tips

All mosquitoes require water in which to breed.  Homeowners should be sure to drain any standing water around their houses in order to stop attracting mosquitoes.  Here are some simple steps to help eliminate mosquito activity:

  • Dispose of any unused tires. One tire can breed thousands of mosquitoes.

  • Drill holes in the bottom of recycling containers.

  • Clear roof gutters of debris.

  • Check and empty outdoor toys nightly.

  • Repair leaky outdoor faucets.

  • Change the water in bird baths  and kiddie pools at least once a week.

  • Canoes and other boats should be turned over.

  • Don't allow water to collect on pool covers.

  • Empty water collected in tarps around the yard or on woodpiles.

  • Plug holes in trees.

  • Even the smallest containers that can collect water can breed mosquitoes; these containers include bottles, buckets, trash can lids, flower pots and tin cans.

St. louis & Mid-missouri Pest Solutions

Since 1956 Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions has been protecting people and property against insects, rodents and wildlife.  In addition to our mosquito control in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Mid-Missouri, our full service pest management company offers a variety of pest solutions designed for properties in our region.  Learn more about our service offerings.

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