Steve Sides Jr.

Regional Manager - Chesterfield, MO
Years of Experience: 10

Steve (Jr.) started out as a technician at 18 and continued that career through college. He worked as a technician for a year at Rottler before moving to an inspector role. After a few years as an inspector, Jr. moved to lead our (previous) lawn care division for three years. In 2020, Jr. moved to the Chesterfield Regional Manager position to lead and grow that region.

Personal Life

Jr. and his wife Ashley Sides have 2 children, Lilian (7) and Jayden (2). They have 2 dogs as well, Chase and Lacy. Their family loves to have fun with experiences including exploring the outdoors, camping, fishing, and playing sports.

Fun Facts

What did you want to be when you were younger?

A professional baseball player.

What is your favorite trip and why?

Jr.’s favorite trip was going to Cancun, Mexico where he got to marry his best friend.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Jr. enjoys are cooking, playing sports (especially golf), and woodworking.

What industry publications/info do you read/subscribe to keep you inspired and in the know?

PCT Magazine, and Leadership books – Simon Sinek is one of Jr.’s favorites.

What’s a strange fact that most don’t know about you?

Jr. placed 43rd in a World Series of Poker Event in Las Vegas. The field was a shade over 3,000 entrants.